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A family vacation can prove to be a time filled with opportunities to renew your bond with your family members. However, bonding with your family does not always necessarily have to involve a holiday destination, flight and accommodation expenses, and all that planning. You can rekindle your relationship with your family by spending some fun and quality time with them at home too.

Here are 12 ways to stay at home and bond like you are on a family vacation.

Organise a film festival at home

Select a theme and let every family member pick a movie of their choice to go with the theme. Arrange for popcorn, snacks and drinks while you spend your day together, watching back to back movies.

Indulge in an at-home spa day:

Pamper yourself and your family by turning your home into a spa for a day. Treat each other with facial masks, pedicures and massages. This will not only relax everyone, but also give an opportunity for one-on-one bonding experience.

Try out a new recipe:

Put your heads together and try your hands on that new and challenging food recipe. Without the interference of your smartphones and your laptops, this will turn into a fun bonding experience.

Device free and worry free dinner:

Prepare a meal together and have a nice dinner together, without any mobile phones or tablets on the table. This will help you spend quality time together without any interruptions from the virtual world. Use disposable utensils for the dinner so that you do not have to worry about doing the dishes later on; just like on a vacation.

Get your creative sides out:

Dig into your art supplies and get creative together. This is a great way of having fun together, as well as destressing yourself. Paint, sculpt, or try that DIY project you had always wanted to try out.

Coffee date at home:

Whip up cups of refreshing coffee and enjoy a coffee date all together at home. While you are at it, make sure it is just you and the coffee, without any unnecessary disturbances. You will realise that conversations over coffee are not at all over rated!

Stay in bed:

Kick start your day with breakfast in bed, snuggle up together watching your favourite movies or your favourite shows, enjoy an afternoon nap, and basically just chill in bed all day.

Solve a puzzle:

Take up a big puzzle and solve it together. Doing this together will make the activity fun, and keep your mind engaged, without stressing you out.

Make a collage together:

Get out all those old magazines and create a picture collage together. Create anything that represents you, your journey so far, your dreams, or your future together. This will be a unique way to bond as a family.

Organise a family board game tournament:

Get some good board games, and arrange for snacks and beverages, for a back to back board game tournament. Invest in some board games that you can play together.

Visit some tourist spots:

Go out together and visit some popular tourist spots in your city. Take pictures and spend quality and fun time together. Browse through the pictures together once you are back home.

Go out for a game of paintball or laser tag:

Go out for the day, and find a place in the city where you can play laser tag or a game of paintball. These games can be super fun when you play them together and can create a new chemistry between all of you.