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Golf is a leisurely sport that every senior can enjoy. As every avid golfer knows it is not an inexpensive sport by any means! That is why we have put together some money saving tips for golf getaways.

  1. Sign up for alert emails from your favorite course: Most courses offer limited deals-if you have a favorite course, check to see if they have a newsletter or email list. Often courses are willing to offer deals and discounts to frequent visitors when they do not have the ability to offer a widely spread discount.
  2. Pick tee times at off-peak times, days, or seasons: Many courses like to offer discounts on expensive green fees to those seniors 65+ during off-peak times and seasons. If you would enjoy a stroll on the course at sunrise or sunset these time discounts are definitely something to take advantage of. Off-peak months tend to be from September-January for courses in states like Florida and Arizona. Prices are also less expensive for seniors during the weekdays. Other widely offered senior discounts are off of golf carts and driving ranges.
  3. Choose a public course: Public and municipal courses tend to offer the best discounts to seniors, which can provide an inexpensive yet enjoyable round of golf. Discount information can be found on course websites.
  4. Search for a senior golf a vacation package: Another good way to save money on a golf getaway for seniors is a vacation package. Three great golf destinations that offer year round or season specific packages are Myrtle Beach, SC, Pinehurst, NC, and Palm Beach, FL. This is also a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the cold and enjoy some southern sun during the upcoming fall and winter weather. If you would prefer a weekend of golf closer to home a quick internet search for golf packages is sure to find a great deal for seniors.

Be sure to pack your favorite pair of golf shoes and bring plenty of tees and markers to enjoy a weekend on the green! If you are uncomfortable walking 18 holes, many courses offer senior discounts on golf carts.