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From the majestic views of pine trees caressing the mountains for miles around, to snow piling upwards beyond the eye’s reach… there’s nothing quite like being in the mountains. Mountain towns have the small-town charm and air of being surrounded by the natural wonders of the world.

Finding a location for that big meeting you’ve been planning may seem easy, if you’re thinking close to home. But picture what could be a meeting to remember that boosts morale and gets your attendees pumped to be there and ready for what’s to come.

Even if big cities and towns have many nearby amenities to offer, there’s something unique and charming about taking your meeting into a town that’s smack-dab in the middle of nature. Nothing says “let’s get this meeting started” than some fresh air to breath and breathtaking views (okay, and coffee.)

Here are 5 reasons to choose a mountain town for your next big meeting.

1. The view, obviously – Stray away from the suburbs or town that provides stuffy rooms surrounded by walls separating you and your everyday life of roads, buildings and highways. There’s nothing like having a meeting, gathering or spending time in nature’s wonders.

The luxury of having a meeting in a mountain town is the ability to see cascading hills or snow-topped trees in between meetings and as the scenery of your next planned event. Extra bonus: Amazing backdrop for company photos!

2. Solitude, a getaway – Being in a crowded area like a bustling city or by a big highway could be distracting and create more chaos to a meeting. Some would say productivity hinges on the ability to find solitude to recharge, and mountain towns provide that quiet, serene, and peace that you and your teammates might need, especially if discussing heavy topics like finances and planning.

3. Fresh air, people can think more clearly – Being out of a city full of smog and cars and replaced with trees creates a better atmosphere that is not as toxic as other environments. The ability to spend time outdoors also incentivises and may make your next meeting more exciting to attendees.

4. Rates can be cheaper during non-peak seasons – Peak seasons are usually during the winter ski seasons and hot summer months when people flock to hit the slopes or enjoy the natural world during the summertime. Resorts and hotels in a mountain town around these peak seasons, or off-season, may be cheaper for your meeting, which will help to bring overall cost down significantly. You can check anytime throughout the year to see if there are seasonal price differences.

5. Take your meeting on a team-building exercise – The great thing about being in a mountain town is taking advantage of what could potentially be a team-building exercise. Find a creative way to bring the team together and bond through a hike, day on the ski slopes, or an obstacle course if available close by.

There’s no better way to get people excited about working together than creating fun and innovative way for them to spend some time together out of the office, especially if it’s within the beautiful mountain greenery or pearly white, snow-topped hills.