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Business travel is not easy and it is expensive particularly if you have just started your own setup and you are on a limited budget, here I have six tips for you to save money when you travel for business.
1. Travel in the first three months of the year. January, February and March happen to be less expensive time to travel, but there are a couple of exceptions you need to make. Leisure travelers avoid traveling in winter months once the New Year has passed people don’t usually travel much on day like Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday or the President Day.

2. Travel through alternative airports. If you are traveling to Miami, San Francisco or Washington DC you can rather traveling from these places, fly from Baltimore, Oakland, San Jose or Calif. Low price flights often fly from secondary airports. So try flying from secondary airports in order to save money.

3. You need to keep a check on the airlines ticket cancellation or changes policies, chances are that on a leisure trip you might not need to change the dates of your traveling but when you are on a business trip you might need to make a last minute adjustment. So always keep a check on the cancellation and change policies or else you will end up losing your precious money.

4. Shop for hotel accommodations online, but it’s also a good idea if you call the hotels directly. Often when you contact the hotel directly you will get a low price particularly at the last minute. For example, the last time I traveled to Singapore for a short business travel I convinced the hotel to charge me for my half day stay only since I arrived late in night and had to leave in the morning for the meeting.

5. You can buy miles or use your credit card to give you miles. With the help of miles you can pay for hotel expenses or dining expenditure. Since my printing business requires paying huge printing bills we pay them off through the credit cards this means we get thousands of frequent flyer miles racked up. So use your credit card to get extra miles which you can use for bearing the other travel expenditure.

6. Use your frequent flyer miles to cover expensive business trips. If you are planning to travel on an expensive business trip then its suggested that you use your frequent flyer miles as you never know your traveling dates can be among the peal traveling dates.