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These days flying has become the main mode of transport for tourists, and airports have expanded accordingly. The reason for this is clear – it’s quick and convenient to travel long distances, and prices have come down enough for it to be within reach for almost all travellers.

This is especially true with Rome. It’s the 10th most visited city in the world, and receives over 6 million visitors every year – most of which come through the 2 main airports.

However, Rome suffers from the same problem as most cities – the airport transfer into the centre of the city is far from ideal, and can often take longer than the flight itself. The primary airport, Fiumicino, is 21km South West, and the secondary, Ciampino, is 16km due south. There are several ways to travel from the airports into the centre of town, but generally they are overpriced, overcrowded and in the summertime, unbearably hot. Not to mention the fact that you have to drag your luggage around with you whilst trying to navigate the public transport system and winding cobbled streets in order to find your elusive hotel, which was promised to be only a stones throw away from the metro.

The question is – is there an easier, more comfortable way to get to your hotel?

The answer is of course yes! And the way you can achieve this is by booking a limo service.

Now, let us be clear: by using the word ‘limo’, I am referring to a luxury private car of a standard size. I am not referring to an oversized celebrity vehicle – these would find both the airports and the winding Roman streets a challenge.

The advantages of hiring a limo service for your airport transfer:

Door-to-door service.
Air-conditioned, comfortable and luxurious.
No waiting around – they wait for you!
Help with your heavy baggages
The fastest and most direct route with zero changes
Knowledgeable drivers give you an introduction to the city
Wow. That sounds expensive!?

Not really.

It is true that you will pay more for this service than if you were to choose public transport, but the truth is you get more for your money – and a limo transfer can represent great value, especially if you are in a group which can split the cost.

As a comparison, you would pay about the same for a taxi for the same journey.

Save time and money – kill two birds with one stone

Here’s a good idea: we’ve already established that the most convenient and comfortable way to transfer from the airport to your hotel is by private limo. By combining it with a quick city tour along the way, not only do you travel in style to your hotel, but you also get your holiday off to a great start with a personal city guide, saving time and money as you go!

This makes this transfer option more attractive, because the higher cost of a limo transfer is absorbed by the fact that you are getting a city guide thrown in as well. If you have only a few days to visit the city, this option will most likely appeal to you for different reasons. You will save time, and fit more into your stay by using your airport transfer wisely.

If you are a couple or in a group, you can split the cost so that this option then becomes even cheaper.

So that’s my suggestion for a great way to begin your holiday in Rome! Leave the metro and buses behind, and travel in style and luxury, whilst finding out a bit about this beautiful city along the way.