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Limousines are fun to ride in. They are roomy and can fit all of your friends into one vehicle so you can ride to your event together in style. They are most commonly rented for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties and reunions. However, more and more people are starting to rent limos for events that are less significant but still important enough to want a touch of elegance. Before you can make that opulent journey, though, you have to decide which limo service can meet your needs.

First, you need to identify the kind of limo you need for your event. How many people do you need transportation for? How many hours will you need to rent the limo for? How far are you traveling? Be sure to let each company you are considering know what kind of event you are renting the limousine for. They will be able to put together a package that is right for your occasion.

Price should be just one consideration when choosing a limo service. Each company is different and will offer different services at different prices. Think about how much you want to spend before searching for a company, but also know what kind of experience you want to have. Usually, you can mix and match services and create a package that will include everything you need and exclude everything you don’t.

Choose the right vehicle to match your occasion. For instance, a stretch Hummer would be ideal for a bachelor party, but it might not fit with an elegant wedding. You should also think about the comfort factor. Do not try to cram in as many people as possible into the smallest limo the company has for rent just to save money. Not only is this unsafe, but it’s uncomfortable as well. No one wants to ride to an event squished between two other people.

Book your ride early. Do not think you will be able to get the vehicle you want at a price you can afford by simply calling up the week before the event. Many people reserve their limos up to 18 months ahead of time, but the recommended time frame is to begin looking for your limousine approximately one month before the day arrives. The best vehicles are rented early and if you wait, you could end up with a limo you are not happy with. This will put a damper on your entire event.