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Few things annoy commercial airline passengers as much as the presence of young children in a crowded airplane cabin. According to a recent Washington Post poll, many people would actually consider paying an additional fee to sit in the “child-free zone” proposed in the survey. Although one opponent pointed out that bad behavior rather than the children themselves is usually the culprit, no one can deny that a crying child on a plane can completely destroy any hope for a calm and peaceful flight. The fact that more and more families are travelling, especially during the summer months, has done nothing but exacerbate an already touchy issue.

Aircraft Charter – A Solution for Families?

One solution to this problem can be found with aircraft charter. Aircraft charter has been quietly gaining momentum as a viable travel option, especially since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and the aggravating and invasive (albeit necessary) security measures which have been implemented on commercial airlines as a result. Children are by nature curious and contrary, which often results in even greater delays at security check-ins – aggravating bad feelings between the family and passengers even before they embark on the voyage. Air charter operators also have strict security measures, which include checking all identification and bags if necessary. However, they are conducted in a much more relaxed environment, which usually has a calming effect on both parent and child.

Aircraft Charter with Children – Advantages

Another advantage to aircraft charter for travelling families is the privacy. The parents are free to converse with (and discipline) their children as they see fit, without the added stress of the cold and angry stares of other passengers. Privacy is in fact one of the main reasons that charter has become so popular in recent years. Passengers can talk on the phone in private, text message, email, and even fax from most airplanes.

Air charter is also a good option for families because amenities, such as movies and entertainment, can be handpicked by the parent at the time of booking, eliminating the possibility of the dreaded salty language which has become an unfortunate part of our culture. Video games are another popular perk among charter clients with children of any age (and their parents); most air charter companies have access to the latest entertainment for all ages.

A qualified aircraft charter broker can provide any details for families who wish to escape the commercial airline nightmare and fly in peace. With Jetset, fliers can book the flight, answer any questions about amenities, and even cater a meal that will please the entire family. Air charter may be touted as the future of corporate air travel, but anyone who has flown charter with young children will attest to its convenience, affordability, and privacy, which make it ideal for families.