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Traveling, once a desire for people has become a need of this day. Whether it is for business ventures, adventure, trotting the globe or visiting your loved one, our experiences have one step in common:

Choosing an airline that best meets your needs.

While traveling frequently, often passengers repeatedly make a choice of flying with the same airline. This may be due to convenience, optimum services and choices offered or collecting miles and benefits of the sort.

Here are some of the top airlines for frequent flyers around the globe.

1. British Airways

BA, a global airline is one of the top selections of frequent flyers for its well-connected routes and the choice of low fares all year round. It is the flag bearing airline of United Kingdom, and not surprisingly the largest one too. Operating from its home base in London, the airline operates to 170 different destinations from 70 countries around the globe. The Oneworld frequent flyer programme of the airline offers one of the best packages to its frequent customers.

2. Qatar Airways

Formed by Mr. Akbar Al-Baker, the airline is the national carrier of the majestic state of Qatar. The airline launched in 1997, and has expanded rapidly ever since. The airline has become a premium choice for the frequent flyers over the years. It currently operates to 151 destinations and keeps expanding to more travel destinations. The airline has been accredited with several awards over the passage of time, and just recently it was rewarded with the business class of the year by Skytrax.

3. Jetblue

Jetting away with Jetblue would be the best frequent passengers could do! In 2014 alone, the airline satisfactorily served 30.5 million customers. Being the fifth largest airline in the United Sates, it is one of the finest low cost airlines of the country. The airline operates its network to 90 different destinations around the globe. The frequent flyer travel program operated by them offers personalized wishlists and bonuses for all kinds of travels.

4. Alaska Airlines

Dating back to 1932, Alaska Airlines is a U.S based airline ranked as the seventh largest according to the passengers. It is operated by Alaska Air Group, which also runs its sister company, Horizon Air. Operating from Seattle, it serves 104 travel destinations. The airline offers one of the best mileage plans with points awarded for even traveling via the partner airlines, making purchases through their visa signature cards and booking hotels the airline is affiliated with.