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The Xbox Live Marketplace has many great downloads that are offered to users for free. However, some downloads for premium content require the Xbox Live user to redeem 2100 Microsoft Points in order to purchase the download.

Microsoft Points can be purchased one of two ways. First, users can purchase points with a credit card through their Xbox 360. This way is not recommended, since the prices for points on the Xbox is much higher than other places. However, purchasing through the Xbox is more convenient.

The second place to get points is from retail locations, both in person and online. These retail locations can offer points at a cheaper rate, or can offer point purchases with other gaming deals in store. Buying points from an online retailer is as convenient as buying them on the Xbox. Most online retailers will have digital codes that are instantly given.

Points can be purchased in a wide variety of allotments. This ranges from a couple hundred points to 5000 points at a time. One pound averages out to be around 118 points. So, 2100 Microsoft Points would cost nearly 15 pounds.

There is some criticism about the Microsoft Points system. Many Xbox Live users want to make download purchases with actual money. Microsoft implemented this system to make money. Users have to spend a certain amount of money to get a specific number of points. Xbox users may not use all of their points and it sits in the account, making Microsoft more money.

However, this points systems is more like changing money into foreign currency. Users are not actually losing money when they buy points because they are getting another form of money in return. There is nothing out of pocket. Using the points system also helps protect financial information from Xbox Live network hackers.

Even though people feel like they are transferring money into points as opposed to actual cash, when users purchase something they feel disconnected from the purchase. They are spending non-existent points on game downloads and not directly spending real money on it. This allows them to feel less guilty or indecision about spending money on downloads.

Users do not feel aware that they are spending on game downloads. Before they realize it, they have spent points without thinking about it. Any consideration that the amount of points spent was actually 15 pounds goes out the window.

The points system allows Microsoft to take advantage of people, making them spend more than they might like. This may seem like a way to con users, but there are many positives to this alternative currency system.

When users make payments in points on Xbox, the disconnection helps. There is less guilt about the money they spend. This allows users to get more of a sense of freedom and a better game play experience that is worry and financial stress-free. This guilt free feeling is especially beneficial when buying something with old Microsoft Points.

The point currency system is purchased with real money at any time and does not have to be used immediately. It is not like a coupon or certificate that needs to be used before it expires. When something is bought with the points, the user is not going to feel connected to the price of the points or view them as real money.

When the points are spent, there is no guilt or worry because it has been so long since money was actually spend on the original points purchase. Microsoft Points are also versatile. They are not real money and can be used in all sorts of competitions, promos, sweepstakes, and other interesting events.

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