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As a sales representative who has been approved for more than 15 years, as a new year, I probably believe in the real estate reality and have been constantly changing. The method! For several years, we are not only unprecedented impact on the global economy created by several factors, but also historical, low, interest rates, and perhaps the maximum impact, probably the impact, and impact. I have experienced existing and existing. As a result of this terrible pandemic, creation/cause! Nobody knows what will happen, but I feel it may be useful, considering my best, providing it -my best guessed, intermediate period. I guess from the price settings (this period is usually considered, about 2 years and half a year, about 5-7 years). With that in mind, this article will try to easily examine, examine, review, and discuss five of my guess/predictions.

  1. Interest rates/mortgage rates: Basic economics, past trends, etc. should indicate that it is not in a considerable period of historical low. It existed longer than usual! We have already witnessed the influence of inflation caused by economic policies, and artificially -artificial -this low, long -term period, interest rates, policies, etc. I am next year, or gradually (as long as some unexpected -unless there is stress occurs), and for the current record pace, either, and for the level (unexpected) -Enime as unless stress occurs). Or growing, in the distance -the pace is slow, or even come back -to the earth, to some extent! This change directly affects the mortgage rate, and if these are low, make a more expensive house a more affordable price!
  2. From the seller market: Historically, the real estate market is periodical, and we are now a long -term seller market, buyers, outs, numbers, and stock! From this approach to expect, expect, this approach, it tends to be a more balanced thing, and probably at a certain stage, turning into a buyer market!
  3. Demand and supply: Like most economic products, real estate is based on the rules of supply and supply! This means that the higher the demand, the higher the price, and the reduced the price! Most expectations are often witnessed in the past and gradually return to experienced periodic conditions!—To-Pass-Exam-Easily-2022-—The-Ultimate-Key-to-Success-2022-—Right-Preparation-Method-2022-
  1. Impact of inflation: Traditionally, the house has been considered one of the best hedges for inflation! However, isn’t the sudden increase in inflation rate far more, do these ultimately at a higher level? As many people expect, inflation is relatively short, probably returned to a more predictable level and run in the middle!
  2. All real estate is local. One of the issues to make these predictions is real estate, often, local, nature, different areas, and even in the neighborhood, out -performance!

I feel that these are the most likely, but I feel that they are likely to occur. Remember, it’s just the best guess, no one has a crystal ball! Be careful, conscious, and coordinated in your personal comfort zone, such as your needs, priority, and perceptions!