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Boston, located at Eastern coast of Massachusetts state in United States, is one of the biggest cities in US. This great city has rich culture and history. There is a long trail of historical events that took place in Boston’s political and social history. It was the first city that came under British colonial power. Greater Boston area, which houses the major towns around Boston city, is one of the biggest metropolitan areas of United States. The population of this metropolitan area is more than 4.5 million people. There are many historical events associated with this city. To name a few, American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, Boston Siege, Battle of Bunker Hills can be quoted. This city is also a major centre for education, finance, and industry. A great number of events and exhibitions are always going on in this city.

There are many historical monuments, museums, and other historical places and landmarks in Boston, which are worth seeing. To visit these places, you can hire a Boston limo service, which provides luxurious and comfortable ride to these places. Although you can hire any type of car, but it sometimes becomes very hard to travel for long, and concentrate on the history of the area while travelling in a small uncomfortable vehicle. A limousine ride for a history tour makes your experience wonderful as you remain relaxed and focused. Since the chauffeurs have a long experience of handling the tourists and know the area and locations of different historical places and monuments very well, it is a great idea to hire a Boston limousine for this purpose. They can drive you through the best ways showing you the places associated with historical events and movements.

There are many historical places, which mark the rich history this area had gone through during pre and post independence era. Few of historical places are, Old State House, which was built on the site of historical massacre known as Boston Massacre. Museum of fine arts is another popular landmark of the city which shows many creations of fine arts pertaining to history and other social dynamics. Another important historical landmark is Faneuil Hall, which is also known as the cradle of liberty. This historical building commemorates the revolution of America. Boston City Hall, Massachusetts State House, Harvard University, Massachusetts institute of technology, Boston University, and south station are a few other attractive landmarks of the city that can give you a great historical and social insight. Other beautiful places include, Fenway Park, Boston Harbor and Christian church.

Whether you are travelling with your friends or with delegates from your organization, a limousine ride for historical tour leaves a great impression. You and your mates remain fresh during the travel and do not need to worry for speed and traffic on the roads while travelling. The limo chauffeur can brief you about landmarks and monuments as they are already familiar with these places and have been specially trained in how to brief the guests.

In fact, you will find a historical tour of Boston riding a limousine very exciting and learn about the rich history and culture of this great city of US.