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Business Setup Services In Dubai

Bestaxca Business creation and support services

Planning to set up a business in Dubai/Africa? We can help you set up your business from the start. Our team of professionals has unique knowledge and experience in Business Setup Services In Dubai. It starts with finding a reliable company sponsor, obtaining a license, and completing all the other formalities to ensure your company is established and thrives in the UAE. We will also help you choose the best type of license in Dubai according to your business preference.

There are three types of licenses in the UAE. These are mainland, free zone, and offshore licenses. Each type of license has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand which is best for your business. This will help you maximize your profit opportunities. Using our services to set up a company in Dubai/UAE is the right decision to start your dream journey of setting up a company in Dubai.

Starting a business in Dubai

Dubai is the most sought-after destination for business organizations worldwide. It has played a pivotal role in the growth of some of the most prominent companies. The UAE’s federal laws are favorable to company formation. Dubai is therefore the best option for anyone dreaming of a great future in business.

The city has a well-developed and excellent infrastructure that provides the best climate for business. Businesses enjoy favorable conditions and unlimited profits and prosperity, and the number of foreigners setting up businesses in Dubai is growing rapidly. You can set up a business on the mainland, in the free zone or offshore in Dubai.

Licensing services

All companies must have a license to operate in the UAE. To obtain a business license in the UAE, you need to obtain approvals from ministries and departments depending on the type of business. There are three types of business licenses: mainland licenses, free zone licenses, and offshore licenses. There are three sub-types of business licenses on the mainland: commercial licensee, business license, and industrial licensee. In order to obtain a license in time, the formalities for obtaining the license must be followed carefully.

All documents to be submitted are translated into Arabic by an authorized agency. Any irregularity or discrepancy in the certificates and the application may lead to the rejection of the application. Therefore, great care must be taken when completing and submitting forms to ministries and departments. Our professional staff will take care of all the work in time for you to set up your company in Dubai.

Visa services

The UAE offers different types of visas depending on the purpose of your visit, such as business visa, tourist visa, work visa, etc. Our main visa services include tourist visas, investor visas, work visas, family visas, business visas, domestic worker visas and many more. You must have an entry permit, a UAE ID card and a residence visa before you can apply for a work permit or work card. Several agencies and departments are involved in the processing and issuing visas. It can be cumbersome to submit forms in Arabic, obtain signatures and obtain approvals. As we are one of the most recognized providers of visa services, you can trust us without any worries. Our team will get the job done as quickly as possible and issue your visa in the shortest possible time.

Sponsorship services

Finding a local emirate to sponsor your business start-up in Dubai is a complex process. A local sponsor must be reliable and trustworthy. All legal formalities and ownership agreements are made in the name of the sponsor. The risk factors involved may worry you.

Forget about your worries when we are with you. We understand your concerns. Bestaxca offers the most trusted sponsor to start a business in Dubai. With our insurance, you can forget all your sponsor worries. And you can concentrate fully on growing your business. Contact one of our professional representatives today to find out more about our sponsorship services.

Financial services

You came to Dubai with high expectations for your business. To succeed and be on top of the world. Money should not be an obstacle to your goals. Our financial services include bookkeeping and accounting, VAT registration and accounting, auditing services, CFO services, tax services, etc. We offer specialized financial services for those seeking financial assistance to start a business in the UAE. Our accessible and hassle-free services have been serving our clients for a long time. The process of providing financial services is free from complications and unnecessary fees. Working with us is fast and transparent. This allows you to enter the business world without delay and start your dream journey of starting a business in Dubai.

Open a bank account

To start a business in Dubai, you need to open a business account. This process requires you to submit identity documents, license details, business entity details and other relevant approvals. The procedure is not complicated but can sometimes be problematic, which is why Bestaxca has established close contacts and relationships with all the elite banks in the UAE.

We can help you open a bank account for your business. Our team will prepare all the necessary documents for your account and guide you through the process. We only charge a minimal fee to help you open an account. Our representatives will manage the process for you, making it a stress-free experience.

Services for office space

To start a business in Dubai, it is essential to have a certain amount of office or business space. The premises are inspected by officials from the relevant authorities before a permit is issued to start a business in the UAE. It is advantageous if you can buy office or business premises at a reasonable price. You can ask them to find the best office and commercial space for your business needs. We can provide you with space in the best possible location for your business to grow. Our extensive experience in providing the best office space for a variety of businesses means that we know exactly what each business and its premises need. When it comes to finding the right office space at an affordable price, we can help.

Trademark protection services

Registering intellectual property is an important part of certain types of business. We can help you preserve your brand and its distinctiveness. Our trademark protection service ensures that the intellectual property of business organizations and individuals is not stolen or misused. We protect your trademarks, inventions, processes and other industrial property.

Copyright protection for art, literature and other creative works. Bestaxca is responsible for the official procedures for trademark protection. We understand the hard work and effort required to create trademarks, inventions and artistic works. Our team carries out the recommended procedures in accordance with the UAE Federal Law. Acquire intellectual property rights, copyrights and patents on your behalf.

PRO services

Establishing a business in the UAE requires various government formalities and legal documents. A government-approved contact person handles all the paperwork for approvals and permits. Only experienced staff can act as a well-oiled machine to do this efficiently – you can rely on us for PRO services PROs need to perform various activities simultaneously to get your business up and running within a certain time frame. This includes activities related to staff and operations. We’ll tell you what you need to do. We then carry them out without delay. Our PRO services make it as easy as possible to start a business in Dubai.

Company dissolution services

Dissolving a company, also known as liquidation, is a complicated process. Winding up a company requires the support of an experienced firm. It requires tedious paperwork and approval from various departments. Errors in documentation and negotiations can have negative consequences. The authority must therefore be reliable. In the case of liquidation, the company must be registered.

This process involves shareholders, other stakeholders and public authorities. Negotiations and discussions with stakeholders can be difficult due to lack of knowledge. Everything that needs to be done is done by professionals. They will guide you through the process in a well-planned manner. Our company dissolution service makes it as easy as possible to start a business in Dubai. And we do it in the best possible way.

Why Bestaxca Business Creation Services?

We guarantee you the best business creation services in the UAE. We offer numerous services. You can choose what you need and discuss with us. Our unique features include customized services. We will further modify the offerings according to your specific views.

Our team of professionals will discuss with you the type of your business, the best growth opportunities and the ideal way to promote it. Following discussions, you will be presented with the most optimistic opportunity formulated. You can also choose budget options depending on your decision. Our genuine approach, sincere contacts and dedicated efforts have made us one of the leading business start-up services in the UAE.