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Planet Earth is house to about 190 nations, a lot of which are tiny and little-recognized, site – – so we’re only going to touch on the bigger, better-recognized ones (35 of them, to be actual). And just to mix things up, we’re doing it Jeopardy-style. That means we’ll provide you with a salient reality or two in regards to the country, and then 4 answer decisions which are written as a query.

This dam flooded the houses of many, many people, and its development was immensely controversial. Nevertheless, some argue that China’s dedication to hydropower is better for its folks long run than its former interest in coal – which it has now abandoned in favor of a half-trillion greenback investment in solar.

Within the early 1900s, docs gave folks garlic during influenza outbreaks as a protecting medicine. The belief in garlic’s powers was so sturdy that in the course of the flu epidemics of 1917 and 1918 in the U.S., some people wore necklaces of garlic around their necks once they went out in public. Throughout World Struggle II, the Soviet Military actually used it instead of penicillin. No surprise garlic was known as “Russian penicillin” [source: Petrovska and Cekovska].