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NEET, or National Eligibility Entrance Test, is an entrance test conducted all over India to find eligible candidates who can apply for undergraduate medical courses in the country.

According to the statistics the number of students appearing for the exam compared to the number of seats available, summing up that of all the institutions all over the country, is very low and the competition is extremely high.

Thus, while preparing for the big exam, you must ensure that you keep no gap in the same.

If you are a NEET aspirant, this blog is a must-read for you. Here mentioned are 10 common mistakes made by students while preparing for the test. Keep a note of the same and make sure to avoid them in your preparation period.

Let us get started –

1.      Probably not studying enough –

The most confusing thing about these tests is that you never know how much preparation is just enough. To be honest, preparing for NEET is very different from preparing for other tests. There is no hard and fast rule regarding how many hours of preparation is a must before you appear for the test.

The only advice is to not restrict yourself to something. Try to give as much effort as possible. Never think that you have had enough. Believe it, you have not. For instance, if you are done with two rounds of revision, pay for assignments. Make sure that you leave no stones unturned from your end.  

2.      Be disciplined

A random routine will not help you in any way. Instead, you must have a planned schedule allotting enough time for each to-do task you have on your list during that time.

You need to live a disciplined lifestyle to crack the NEET exams. Most students think that studying whenever they want will end up helping them pass the exams. But that is not the case at all. You must set aside study time in your everyday routine, and by any means, you must stick to it.

Of course, there can be exceptions, but making exceptions should not become your routine. Besides these, you must also maintain proper sleep schedules, eating habits and everything that contributes to a disciplined lifestyle.

3.      Keep your schedule simple and easy to follow.

Stuffing too many activities in your schedule will end up making you exhausted and will help you in no way. Rather you should make it flexible, which will be easy to follow, not over-exhausting and can be altered if required occasionally.

Make sure that your schedule allows you to take breaks and refresh yourself so that you can stay focused during the rest of the study hours. There will be instances when you either feel over-productive, and surely there will be hundreds of instances where you will feel underproductive. But the moment you feel so, take it as a sign that now you need some change of air. So go take that break and refill your energy bar.

4.      Not Choosing the Right Books and Materials

Right sources are the key to success. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes students make when preparing for the NEET exam is not choosing the right books and materials.

Today there are several options available to refer to, both online and offline. But not all of them are of standard quality. Therefore, it is very significant that you consult with your teacher and get hold of the best books, pdfs, videos, and other learning materials available.

Additionally, before you buy a book, make sure that you check the reviews and ratings to know the student’s opinions on the same.

5.      Not Taking Practice Tests

Practice tests ensure you better performance in the actual test. They prepare you both in terms of the subject and give you mental preparation. This helps you remain calm and patient while the test.

Practice tests help you get accustomed to the format of the exam, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your test-taking skills.

Students not taking practice tests seriously should not keep any expectations of a good score on the final test.

6.      Not Doing Any Logical Reasoning Exercises

Logical reasoning is a significant part of NEET tests, which is why it is very crucial to get them right. Unfortunately, many students do not do enough exercises to improve this skill. Some students even do zero practice of logical reasoning before the test. If you are also one of the later groups, it is high time you mend your ways. Here are some tips to help you improve your logical reasoning skills-

·         Identify which type of questions require specific knowledge and information about a singular topic.

·         Then try to analyse what kind of information you need in order to provide an answer for the same.

·         Practice is the key; hence, keep practising with as many questions as possible. This way, you will get way more accustomed to this section of questions.

7.      Not following a proper strategy for studies

NEET is not an exam based on one or two chapters. A huge syllabus must be covered before the test. Hence just mugging up will not be enough. A lot of students try to mug up everything they can without following a particular strategy. But think for yourself, is it possible to remember everything that you study after the extreme anxiety before the test?

Therefore, you should rather focus on understanding the concepts. Once you have clear concepts solving the questions related to them will not be difficult. Also, this technique is much more effective than only mugging up.

Another point here is that do not try to imitate learning strategies used by your fellow mates. The same strategy might not be fruitful for you. It is always advisable that you first learn about your learning traits and then form a strategy for the same.

8.      Do not just focus on mock tests

Earlier it has been mentioned that mock tests are very important but then concentrating only on them can result adversely. You must keep in mind that your real aim is the actual test, and you have to prepare for the same and not the mock tests.

Use the mock tests only as a tool to measure your preparation, do not surround your preparation with the mock test.

9.      Refer to a wide range of sources

Many students think that they can get away with just reading one book, which will be enough to prepare them for the exam. However, you need to get hold of more than one valuable source. This is mostly because it will be immensely helpful for you to observe the various solution techniques adapted by different authors. You can compare and, of course, use the one easiest for you.

Parting Thoughts

Students who have already cracked the NEET examination and taken a step forward towards their dream medical career have ensured that the above tips can help you both with better preparation and better performance. So why do my assignment also you try the same?

About the author

Charles Reiley, is a full-time educator and a part time counsellor at a renowned career consultancy service in Australia. He is associated with to guide students with academic writings.

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