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We all look forward to vacation. Everyone really needs to just get away every now and then. Most dog owners think of their pet as an extended part of the family. Well, don’t all members of the family deserve the same vacation benefits?

When you pack up to leave on vacation, living behind “Rover” is sometimes hard to do. It’s like leaving a family member behind while you go off to enjoy yourself on a fabulous trip.

Sometimes it just isn’t an option to have someone come and stay with your pet. And especially if you are going to be gone for awhile, paying for your dog to be locked up in a kennel for days on end is just simply not an option. Did you know that dogs can have a vacation too? Overnight dog care resorts aren’t simply a drop your dog off for a few nights. They are honest to goodness resorts for your pooch!

Most feature running paths outdoors and indoor playrooms for your dog to play. Some even have televisions playing and most all have toys and treats that Fido is sure to enjoy. The nice thing about a place like this is the attention factor. Each “guest” is treated with the utmost concern and more upscale doggie resorts are kennel free. Nice, quiet quarters with soft cozy beds await your pup. Plenty of food water and exercise as well.

So the next time you think of leaving on vacation, be sure to check out a destination spot at a doggie resort for mans best friend. After all, some accommodations are so nice you may just want to stay yourself. Your dog is sure to have a great vacation of his own while you’re away on holiday!