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Dog friendly hotels do exist. In fact, they are not as hard to find as you may think. Even some of the large, well-known hotel chains like Holiday Inn and the Ramada allow guests to bring their dogs. The important thing you have to remember is that not all hotels bearing the name of a well-known chain are corporate establishments. Many of them are individually-owned franchises and have their own unique rules and regulations. In order to find out if the hotel you are considering allows dogs or other pets, the simplest thing to do is call and ask.

If you are shy or have some other reason for preferring to avoid a call, you can always check online. There are several different websites on the Internet that have comprehensive, state-by-state listings of dog friendly hotels. All you need to do to find those sites is to do a basic search engine query for (pet friendly hotels), or (hotels that accept pets).

Some hotels might require you to leave a pet deposit at the front desk upon check in. You will get this deposit back when you leave, as long as your dog has not caused any damage to the place. Other hotels do not require this kind of deposit at all. Nearly all hotels that accept dogs require your pet to be quiet and to be well-controlled at all times. A dog that barks excessively and disturbs other guests will likely get the both of you thrown out.

If you love to travel with your dog, then you need to know how to find dog friendly hotels. Having a list of some of your favorites that you have personally visited will help you plan your travel in the future. As you stay at various hotels with your dog, make note of whether or not you would like to stay there again. Pretty soon, you will know just where to go when you are on the road with your pet.