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As the old adage goes, the dog is a man’s best friend. Some people simply cannot part with their dogs, even during vacation time. It used to be a rather big hassle to bring a dog to a vacation. Nowadays, a lot of establishments like hotels and resorts are now more accepting of pets, particularly dogs.

Some establishments actually market themselves as pet-friendly and go to the extent of giving special amenities to them such as spas, special beds, and caretakers. There are facilities for dog friendly vacations almost anywhere. However, the biggest question is: Is your dog ready for a vacation? No matter how excited and prepared a dog owner is for a vacation, he or she should be aware of the pet’s readiness to enjoy the vacation, too.

To prepare a dog for a vacation, make sure that it is healthy. Recommended shots and vaccines should be accomplished before leaving. Have your dog wear a rabies tag in your dog’s collar. Paperwork as proof of the rabies and other vaccines should be brought, as some facilities like hotels and airlines might require you to present this upon checking in or boarding.

Aside from rabies, Special activities may require special vaccines too like a vaccine for ticks, especially if you’re going hiking, and kennel cough if your dogs will get in contact with other dogs. Two essential things to bring with you when vacationing with your dogs are a first aid kit for it and a pet identification tag that has the dog’s name and your contact information in the event that it might get lost or wander.