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Emirates has redefined the meaning of luxury completely, and it is a magical experience to travel through one of their A380s. When it comes to personalizing, Emirates does it like no other and it is very hard to find its competitor.

So what makes the first class suite of Emirates an extraordinary experience?

Let’s enter the world of optimum comfort and the pinnacle of luxury.

1. Your personal Suite

You’ll be overwhelmed to experience the high level of privacy offered in the first class of the airline. The personal suite of Emirates makes it stand far high from the rest. While the journey is beyond amazing, unfortunately you’d never be able to travel in an economy class after this experience. So you settle in your personal suite, get offered a glass of fine wine and enjoy your own mini bar. The seats you settle down at recline to a complete bed and the comfortable mattresses guarantee you to get the best slumber of your life. All 14 private suites have access to the beds and can be reclined with the help of a tablet. It is about to get more special; the snack box placed in your suite will allow you to nibble for as long as you stay in the air.

2. Food and Drink

If the first class is getting your imagination carried away, you’d be slightly disappointed to know that the food is still precooked and is only reheated during the flight. However, you don’t have to count minutes for the cabin crew to approach you with the meal. The a la carte offered on the flight is one of a kind, you’ll find your taste buds craving for it even long after you reach your destination. The choice of menu is in accordance with the destination. Needless to say, it is made by the best chefs from the world. If that isn’t enough, passengers are more than welcome to make their way to the lounge and bar area.

3. A Shower Spa

Gone are those days when you were bound to reach your destination fatigued and drained. With Emirates A380, you can get freshened at 40,000 feet! These amazing shower cabins are maybe better than what you witness in an average American flat. Although the shower lasts for about five minutes, you can stay inside the cabin for 30 minutes. From toiletries that suit your mood, controlling the floor temperature, enjoying a fruit snack at the end and getting assisted as you enter, the shower facility of the airline is truly spectacular!