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The Wine Country is known for its world renowned wine. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit the Wine Country each and every year to taste and sip on these extraordinary wines. The Wine Country is one of the premier travel destinations in the world. But, how could such a small, protected area be home to so many distinctive wines? The Napa Valley is home to over 300 wineries, each winery has its own unique charm. The Sonoma region has over 250 wineries, rivaling the best Napa wines. So, how do you choose which wineries to visit in the Wine Country? Many visitors are overwhelmed by these choices.

Here are four thoughts to help you choose the best wine country tour day.

First, you can visit roughly 4 to 6 wineries in a wine tasting day. Since you can’t enjoy all 650+ wineries in a day, the goal is to enjoy the ideal or customizable wine tour just for you. Wineries that appeal to you in regards to vintages, type, etc. Whatever wineries you choose in the end, make sure your wine tasting tour day consists of a few large, well-known wineries, a cave tour and a few off-the-beaten path, historic family owned boutique wineries. Keep this mind, no matter which wine varietals you prefer, the wineries in the Wine Country cover the best of them all-and have done so for decades.

Second, ask a limousine company who is locally owned and operated within the Wine Country which wineries they like and why. Limo companies visit the wineries each and every day. They can offer extensive knowledge about the actual place and the wine itself. Remember, the Wine Country is a place for you to taste wines you literally cannot find anyplace else, and to see where the magic comes from.

Third, remember the wineries don’t provide transportation to and from each winery so the safest way to visit the wineries is by limousine. And, the best part is that there are many affordable limousine tour packages in the valley.

Fourth, the Wine Country is also known for its great cuisine and world renowned chefs. So, after a wine tasting day it’s time to enjoy a great restaurant, like Ristorante Allegria, Meadowood, Bistro Don Giovanni or Bottega to name a few. Most limousine companies offer dinner transportation service as well. They will drive you to the restaurant and back to your accommodations. Sometimes the hotel provides complimentary dinner transportation service.

When visiting the Wine Country, start researching months prior to visiting. Search online for limousine companies and rates, wineries, etc. Once you have a list of restaurants and wineries that take to your liking, check each company’s reviews. Also, feel free to ask recommendations from the companies you have already chosen. This can be very helpful. Again, don’t wait to plan your trip. If you do, rates and pricing usually increase.