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It was my first trip from Bangalore to Delhi and I was very excited. Earlier my plans to Delhi dropped for not so good reasons. This time I left no stone UN-turned to plan it properly and I did it well in advance as well as had gone through many articles and website to know more about the best deals from Bangalore to Delhi flight. As it is very easy to book it online, I did not keep any other options for booking flight tickets. I was little skeptical for the online payments but learned that it was very secured. As I had planned my dates almost two months ahead, I could patiently go through all the websites and compare the fares from Bangalore to Delhi. I planned my trip with a friend, it was the first time for her as well. I had set price alert features because during the week I may not get time to glance through lowest fares during the week, this trick really helped me. For a week I followed and finally book tickets with the best deals in hand.

I love to travel and what I am particular even more is staying at the hotel, while searching for lowest fares on flight I could book hotels in Delhi (5*) from one single portal. This made the task even more easier, it takes no time to decide as the listing and deals are optical catch. I filtered my requirements to an upper limit as mentioned I dislike to compromise my stay or you may say “my sleep”. There are umpteen number of hotel options which fits with ones allocated budget. Now all the requisites for my travel were done. I also had verified from the hotel and the online portal for cancellations, you know it why I guess.

Distance of Bangalore airport from the city is approx 35 km’s, takes almost 45 minutes, but I leave just 25mins away, as there is no traffic in the morning, I would enjoy the fresh air with the view highlands and skyscraper buildings. My flight was IndiGo at 6 am and I reached New Delhi at 8:40 am, from Delhi airport to Connaught place where I had booked my hotel was not so far but it look long due to the heavy traffic.

This city was definitely very different from all the other cities in India I have been to. The people, language, culture, body language was obviously different, but the best part was I did not witness a single problem with the people. I found it very easy to communicate to the people there. It was not very different when you visit New Delhi from a city like Bangalore, as you see all the high rise buildings and other city like feature as any other. The second day we had planned for Delhi Darshan, while me and my friend headed towards the Purana Delhi, it was very clear from the rest of the city. I saw Cycle Rikshaw, the messed up traffic, the people with a very different dialect within the city.