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Torquay holidays bring to you charming beauty in the form of beaches, historical places and gardens. Torquay is known as a garden city to many people in the world. There are some wonderful gardens that are really beautiful and should not be missed during your Torquay holidays. If you want to have the perfect and luxurious vacation ever, you should definitely stay at the holiday cottages of Torquay. These cottages are situated at stunning locations that offer lovely views of waterfronts. You can choose to stay at a cliff top cottage, or at a sea front cottage, depending on your preference. All the holiday cottages have modern facilities and offer serenity and peace due to their locations. You are sure to have all the facilities you can think of in these holiday cottages. If you are vacationing with your family, there is no better accommodation option for you than these superb, exotic holiday cottages. Here are a few gardens that you must-see during your Torquay holidays.

Abbey Park

This park was featured to the public for the first time in the year 1924. The rock garden and the pond here are original and recently the garden has been replanted. The fountains of the garden and its lights would truly mesmerize you. You would find an Italian garden in it where you can get to see a huge collection of beautiful Torbay palms. You can visit this garden for free and it remains open to visitors 7 days of the week, throughout the year. You can easily take a bus or a car from your holiday cottage and reach this unique garden any time of the day during your Torquay holidays.

Brunel Avenue

Brunel Avenue is another must see place during your Torquay holidays. It is situated at Watcombe and was purchased by I.K Brunel while working with the Great Western Railway in 1847. This garden is located in valley that faces the bay and provides a stunning view of the sea. Recently it has been listed as one of the most beautiful gardens in England. You can visit this garden for free and can avail any public transportation option to reach it.