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The prom limo has become an elegant tradition for many high schoolers ready to celebrate the conclusion of their own long, strange trip. Of course, there are no rules saying you need a limousine to enjoy this rite of passage, but it can certainly make it a lot more enjoyable. That comes with a caveat, however: you have to make a few good choices. Just as renting a car can put the entire night on a new level, it can also ruin it if you get a bad driver, a car that breaks down, or anything else that would be a sign of an incompetent company. Here are some tips that will ensure you have a great night.

Set Boundaries

Even before you begin looking for a prom limo, make sure you’re only sharing the ride with friends you can trust. Even normally responsible teenagers can get out of hand when it comes to wild situations. If you and your parents are the ones responsible for the use of the car, you’ll need to take precautions that ensure everything will be taken care of. This means making sure your friends aren’t going to break the rules of the company, smoke in the car, break things, or do anything else that is going to wind up charged to your credit card.

Confirm Your Reservation

If you wind up getting your prom limo from a company that isn’t big on paperwork, you’re going to have to make up the difference yourself. Make sure you have a contract in place and a written confirmation from the company. The night of prom is going to be one of the busiest nights of the year for a company in this business. Without careful planning, it’s easy to double book one of their cars. If you get the sense that the company you’re considering is not reliable enough, follow your instincts. Go with a company that seems able to handle the pressures of a busy night.


Some limousine companies aren’t in the business of making sure their customers have a fun, party atmosphere. If you rent your prom limo from a company that typically only handles business customers picking clients up from the airport, you could wind up with a stiff, silent night. You don’t need the chauffeur calling back every five minutes to tell you and your friends to settle down. While it’s your responsibility to not get too crazy while in traffic, this is supposed to be a fun night. Make sure you choose a company ready to cater to that type of atmosphere.