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Florida has over 3500 golf courses, so this place is every golfer’s dream. Here the weather is also on the golfer’s side, and you will find perfect grass conditions here. Everything is arranged for you to get a nice experience on the golf course.

While we in Norway can only dream about driving golf carts, it’s strange not to place the bag on the truck, add the cold Coke to the refrigerator box and pound out on the grass with four wheels and an engine under your body, when you are in Florida.

There are numerous tips for how one should play golf in Florida, but I’d made the trip to Orlando. It’s easy to get there by plane and the area is full of golf courses. Do a little work online before you travel. There are many expensive courses there, but also many cheap, so you just need to look around to find the cheap once. I recommend to book at least one of the major courses if you are in Florida. it is always fun to play tracks that you’ve seen the pros play on before you or if you have taken a round on your PlayStation or other games.

Turkey, Belek

I have been in Belek and played golf. A fantastic golf destination – with the courts of the highest quality. Belek and the areas around this small place have also been hyped in to the skies by Norwegian golf magazines. The green fee is quite high on the various paths in Belek, but here you will get your money’s worth. And, there are discounts solutions if you have some contacts.

I was there in May and there were only perfect conditions. There are two options when it comes to accommodation. First and foremost are that you can hire yourself in at an all-inclusive resort. Then you get accommodation, food and golf included in different packages.

It is also possible to rent private apartments, but you must arrange with all the convenience of golf itself. There is also a bit trickier to get discounts on the price on the courts when you are not affiliated with the big hotels.

If you are in a group of people for example four, then private apartment can be a good solution. The advantage of traveling to Belek is that you can get cheap flights to Antalya. From there it is only 40 minutes to Belek, who last I checked had eight golf courses of the highest quality.