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If only you’re a millionaire, maybe then you can afford to travel around the world in luxury. Travel expenses have been on the rise lately and it seems daunting to hunt for something that falls under your budget yet doesn’t threaten your comforts.

Using air miles is surely the best way out of this. Racking up miles might seem like a lifelong challenge, but there are plenty of ways you can do it easily. Travel hacking over the last decade has made me come to the conclusion that miles can be easily earned in huge amounts. Here’s how!

1. Flying around the world
Let’s take a look at the most obvious of these. The more you fly, the more miles you earn. When you fly more, a lot of opportunities open up for you instantly and you discover better ways to redeem air miles through the partners. But your mile gains don’t stop here. There are plenty of other ways miles can be earned other than getting a plane ticket.

2. A Co-Branded Credit Card
If there is one way you can become a Mileage Millionaire that surely has to be investing in a co-branded credit card. You’ll find plenty of options, but selecting the ideal one against your program requires an in-depth research. Not all of these would work well according to your needs.

Firstly, the signup bonuses are pretty amazing. Even after that, any spending through your credit card automatically adds to your mileage account. If you wish to earn an unbelievable amount of miles quickly, applying for multiple cards works well. When you sign up for the credit card, ensure that you are not paying a hefty annual fee or any extra costs.

3. Eating and Drinking
How cool is that! Probably the easiest, and by far the most favorite ways to racking up air miles is through eating and drinking at the dining programs affiliated with the frequent flyer program. Every program has one, and although you might have to drive out of the way to look for one, it is a promising way to earn more miles. With dining out, you are not doing anything beyond your comfort level. Even if you are doing out on a dinner where everyone pools, be the one to pay through the credit card. It will be worth it!

4. Buy Miles
There will be times where despite all that you’ve done to earn miles; you are still short of some to make your travel dreams come true. What happens next? You delay your plans for a better time that seldom comes.