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It sounds like common sense, but keep it in mind -in a sense, you control a character that moves like a tank. All of these are not easy with closing, moving, aiming, launching, and mobile devices at once. If most of the zones are closed and become the last dozen player, it will be very difficult. 。

Escape and heal as much as possible. This is a pretty good advice in almost every stage of the game, but it is not just a possibility, and it is highly likely that other players can listen to your shooting battle, so keep the edge near the end. Is absolutely indispensable. If you can’t get a quick 1V1 kill, release it as soon as possible. Because if you are standing (and if you are sniper), the person who is looking at you will be dominant.

Heal yourself and increase your energy. This is useful for the health regeneration and speed of these last gaps!

At first, use only the vehicle. It is not so difficult to process them, and if you land in some distant areas, when you are stuck in an area where the zone begins to close and have many bridges. You want something to help you with it. However, after the game is over, engine noise is not only worth the additional speed. In particular, there is a smaller map space for navigating. Become a sneaky ninja.

Shoot to kill. Spray and prayer generally work well in mobile gunfights, but only shoots when needed. The shooting will be as much attention to you as the engine noise, and someone else will want to use your distribution.

Be careful when looting. In the last game, you need to move around and loot as much as possible. If you become too greedy and try to loot the body of the killed person immediately, you will be able to pick you up while you are distracted by the viewer and knowing where you are. 。

Move only when necessary. Again, this is especially exclusively for end games. Early Game You should explore, loot, customize your gun, and do whatever you need. However, when the area begins to decrease, you need to look carefully at the zone and move to respond to it. You will come to you immediately without giving someone else! This makes it easier to aim and kill if you don’t need to concentrate on the movement in the first few shots.