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If you like writing you can turn your talent into an online freelance writing business. There’s a high demand for writers. Businesses need people to write content for blogs, advertisements, websites, eBooks, articles and reports.

So how do you start an online freelancing writing business?

1. Decide What Are Going To Write About

Choose what you want to write and then see if there’s a demand for it. Choose a topic and style that you enjoy. If you don’t like writing about a certain topic, chances are you’re going to struggle to get motivated and not give your client your best effort.

2. Create Your Business

Decide on a business name and create your own website. Don’t worry that you don’t have the technical skills to build a website. There are many online business systems that can be installed with a few clicks by following step-by-step instructions. You can even outsource the whole set up if you feel that it’s too much for you.

You’ll also want to think about your terms and conditions of business. Many writers call for a 50% deposit to begin a job with the rest due when they supply the written content. This helps make sure a writer gets paid for their work.

3. Market Your Business

You’re a writer, so one of your best marketing tools is the written word. Offer to write articles for ezines (online magazines). Create your own social media pages use it to drive your followers to your blog. Set up a well-written sales page to drive potential clients to your website.

Comment on blogs in your area of expertise. For example, if you’re a health and fitness writer then visit and comment on blogs about health and fitness. Also get involved in industry forums and Facebook groups. You can even set up your own Facebook group. Facebook groups are a great place to create awareness about your online freelance writing business and connect with potential customers.