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Riding on a private airplane is pretty much similar to getting your own chauffeured limousine, except for the fact that you’re riding across the skies. With both, you’ll have the privilege of exclusivity and command, minus the hassles of travel. But obviously, hiring a charter plane does not involve the same cost as that of a land vehicle, considering the enormity of transportation used. Regardless, it is convenient to note that it is as accessible as the latter, and can even be hired at a discounted price.

Now, the best thing about a private jet is that you can practically use it for any of your travel plans. If you wish to visit a sick relative right away or would like to deliver an important package yourself right away, you can contact a charter plane company to arrange a speedy flight for you so you don’t end up wasting time. Yes, it does seem impractical to spend a lot on a plane ride, considering there are commercial alternatives that are less expensive. But if you were to secure the same perks as a charter flight does, you would most likely have to pay twice or ten times the economy rate for it, which is more costly than the highlighted option.

Other ideal occasions or endeavors for private jet use would be:

a. Spring break trip with friends. Depending on the model, most private planes can accommodate a group of ten to twenty people and still offer the same spaciousness and comfort as it would to one person. And it can take you and your company to any place in the world, without having to suffer through delays and lay-overs. And unlike riding in a commercial flight were you all have to be in your best behavior and your most modest outfits, with private planes, you can party even before you land and come on board in your sexiest outfits, without being reprimanded by security.

b. Family outings/reunions. Have you ever ridden a plane with your aunts and uncles, grandparents, parents and cousins? Well, if you had, then you probably have wished repeatedly that you were the only people present on that flight. Lovely as they are, family can be quite embarrassing in public. They have no regard for other people and tend to speak as well as act in accordance to their will. They are shameless in a way, and a bit uncontrollable especially in groups. So to spare everyone the stress of being in a confined space along with strangers, book a charter plane to take you and your family to a relaxing tropical vacation.