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Your pet is just like your most beloved companion and a good friend therefore it would be a great loss for you if you loose them while traveling. There are certain preventive techniques and precaution that you must follow in order to insure the complete safety and security of your pet while you are taking them on a vacation with you.

These days there are various good methods and ways through which you can easily recognize your dog or cat even if they are lost. In this article, my main focus would be to tell you about the best methods that are used for the Identification of a traveling Pet.

1. Microchip implant

These days various people are using the microchip implant method to protect their animals while they are on a vacation. This equipment is an identifying integrated circuit that can be placed under the skin of a cat, dog, horse and various other animals. These chips are very small and they work with the help of Radio Frequency Identification.

2. Pet’s ID tag

It you are traveling to some other country or city then you must make sure that your dog is wearing the ID tag all the time. The ID tag should contain your personal phone number, home address, destination phone number and address and an alternate home phone number. You must also keep a copy of your pet’s identification card for reference.

3. Travel identification tags

Travel destination tags are special tags which are available for a specific trip or journey. You must get two copies of this tag; one should be attached to the pet’s collar while the other one should be with you. This will help the authorities to recognize your animal in case it is lost or stolen.

4. Centralized pet recovery system

Before going on the vacation you must get your pet registered with the centralized pet recovery system. This system will make sure that your dog or cat is safe and secure during the trip.

5. Carry a recent photo of your pet

If you are taking your pet along with you on a vacation then you must carry at least three copies of your beloved animal’s recent photograph. You should also make a list of the unique identifying marks that your pet has.