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Are you planning to make the coming vacation memorable for your kids? Do you want it to be the right mix of fun and learning? You should take your kids on a one-day tour of Chicago in a limousine to see some of the very interesting and entertaining places in the city. Your kids will love the aristocratic ride of a limo, and the sprawling view of the city from within it.

Chicago is not only an important global centre of commerce, but it is also a major hub for fun and entertainment. Chicago has a good number of attractive destinations for people of all age groups. A day-tour of the city will not only be entertaining for your kids, but it can be educational and exhilarating as well, provided you have planned your trip wisely. When going on a one-day tour of Chicago in a limo, you should visit the following places.

Buckingham Fountain

Situated on the shore of Lake Michigan, the Buckingham Fountain has long been the centre of attraction for the locals as well as the tourists visiting Chicago. Every year, it lures millions of visitors into its 20-minute display of music, lights, and water show. The water jet sprayed at the centre of the fountain reaches 150 feet high in the air. It has been built using Georgia’s pink marble, and it gets decorated every year with festival lights, during winters.

Visiting this place for your kids will be like living in a dream.

Shedd Aquarium

From the year 1930, Shedd Aquarium has been showcasing an impressive collection of under-water life. It is one of the best aquariums in the country. The aquarium houses dozens of sharks, a good number of whales, rays, eels, schools of fishes, and some colorful live coral reef. It has a section called Amazon Rising, which exhibits Amazonian life, like Anaconda, poisonous frogs, and piranhas. In addition to these life forms, you can also see dolphin shows and live feeding of the sharks by professional divers.

You will need an open space of a car like limousine to contain your over-enthusiastic kids. A limo will provide them enough space to express their excitement in a way they can – by jumping here and there.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago city’s premier attraction is the Lincoln Park Zoo. It offers a peaceful place right in the middle of cantankerous city, which emits gazillion decibels of noise, every single day. It is the oldest zoo in the country, and it does not cost a dime to visit here, as it holds the reputation of begin the last free zoo of the city.

The natural blend of old 1868 architecture with the modern exhibits is evident in its slogan – “Lincoln Park Zoo is everyone’s zoo”. You can make your kids realize the importance of conservation, recreation and education though a tour of this vast zoo.

When you rent a limo for such a fun-filled expedition, you put your kids in the vacation mode even before your limo reaches its destinations in Chicago. A limo ride will surely attract your kids. They will love the spacious ride fitted with all kinds of modern accessories. They will appreciate that there is enough room in the limo for them to play their little pranks. And irrespective of the humid or freezing temperatures of Chicago a ride in a climate-controlled limo will keep them fully charged, all through the day.