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Located in South America, Brazil is a giant when it comes to countries. In the north, it houses the great Amazon Basin and stretches all the way to the south where we can find the famous Iguacu Falls in the south. Brazil is also home to one of the world’s most beautiful wonders – The Christ the Redeemer statue. Amazingly, this vast spread South American country has some very well formed beaches crowded with people enjoying the sun’s amazing goodness all year round.

Another feature that makes this country the favorite place to visit for party goers from all around the world is the facts that it hosts the most well formulated and astonishingly cultured festivals in the world. And if you are a party animal who knows how to have a good time, we suggest that you buy airline tickets and start partying in these famous festivals.

1. The Carnival, Rio de Janeiro
Believed to be one of the world’s largest outdoor parties with an attendee count of more than 2 million people, this festival is colorful, loud, boisterous and refreshing. If you’re tired from the dull goings of everyday life then we suggest that you attend this festival whenever you get the time. This festival is held over a period of five days every year during the Easter holidays. However, the people of Rio start preparing for this ages before it starts. They make large floats which are carried into the festivals with a parade containing many drummers and glittering spinning dancers.

2. Sao Luis, Marnhao
Another Brazilian center for partying, St. Luis holds a folklore themed festival which is inspired by a combination of African, Portuguese and Indian cultures. Going here makes you feel like you’ve entered a modern edged medieval era. This is a festival about death and resurrection and going here will give you all the motivation you need to emerge as someone new. You get to see loads of dancers and street performers dressed up in dazzling clothes performing amazing tricks.