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The Covid pandemic gave the world a huge fright. Many people thought it was just a trick, and those who believe in conspiracy theories obviously went crazy. Many said it was the end of the world. Some went into hiding in remote places that only the richest of the rich had access to. For a while, the world stood still. Which was a good thing because we were rushing towards self-destruction.

It had a good impact too. Many businesses found that their employees need not work from office every day. Many can work from home. Traffic decreased significantly, resulting in less pollution and more quality time with the rest of the family at home.

During lockdown, churches all over the world also had to make quick adjustments. Most, including us at, had to find new ways of getting the Sunday sermon to the congregation. Some struggled more than others, but by hook or by crook the message was shared via the internet. And everybody became used to it.

It became quite enjoyable to receive the message Sunday morning still in your pajamas on the couch or in bed. After the service our family talked much more than previously when we had to drive back home from church. We knew more about what was going on in one another’s lives. That was a good thing.

The church landscape has changed irrevocably. A study showed that a third of the church’s congregants would possibly not return to the church building after the pandemic. But eh community of believers is so very necessary. Actually, it is a command:

25… not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.

We need one another. It’s not easy to survive in this world on your own. We are too weak, and we need the support of fellow believers. Sometimes our eyes are blinded and then we do need our friends to show us where we’re going wrong and how to get back on the right road.

When we live in this new way of doing church, we must never neglect this community of believers. We must look for new ways of being with one another. Even if we cannot do it in person in the building, we must still try and contact one another, even if it is digitally.

We really need each other. We really need each other’s input in our lives. We need each other to reprimand one another a little now and then, to ensure that we stay on the right road. Even if we do it in a different way, we must create a space where we can look our fellow believers in the eye and support one another as we walk through the world.

Hebrews 10:19-25

How important is the community of believers for you?
Where do you experience it?
What must you do to have it play a bigger role in your life?

Father, I clearly hear that this is a command. I know I need my friends in faith to keep on the road. Help me find places in this new world where we can touch one another and make a difference in each other’s lives. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.