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South Ossetia is a small Russian-backed breakaway region contained in the internationally acknowledged borders of Georgia. Moscow acknowledged South Ossetia as an independent state, along with Abkhazia, additionally in Georgia, following the transient Georgia-Russia battle of 2008. Since then, it has supplied the area with monetary assist, stationed troops in its territory and provided Russian citizenship and different benefits to its roughly 55,000 residents.

The authors suggest monitoring social networks as a method for counteracting “Russian propaganda.” In the third and fourth chapters of the report, they offer their own method to analysing Twitter communities and site [] the dissemination of professional-Russian info. The doc uses Twitter information to establish pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian communities and the most influential actors inside them. The authors also determined the language signature of professional-Russian customers and attempt to assess the influence of “Russian propaganda” on Twitter users in Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia.

Certainly the reality is a mix of all of these things and more. One thing all of them had, nevertheless, was a tireless dedication to their chosen causes: whether the creation of great or the commanding of mighty nations, they left their marks on the manifold peoples and cultures of the globe. Here you will discover extraordinary artists, good leaders of men and women, scientists and philosophers of dizzying intellect, each of them distinctive and each of them having monumental influence upon the destiny of the world.