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Are you stuck for a novel entertainment idea for your friends, family or business colleagues?

Are you having problems coming up with new ideas to create a lasting impression?

I had this same problem, my parties were becoming a drudge and as a host I was in danger of becoming “yawn of the year!”

Transportation for your guests can often be problematical with today’s strict driving laws and even with the best of intentions – well, things happen – particularly with celebrations.

A wonderful solution to the difficulties I have postulated is the party bus; safe, friendly, flexible and quite luxurious. On-board facilities can include your own personal host, sumptuous seating, superb music, a bar with spectacular lighting effects and even a washroom.

Here are some ideas to consider when thinking about an event you have coming up and want to impress your guests with something different and exciting.

• collect your guests, and deliver them safely to their destination in a luxury bus driven by a professional driver (What a way to hold a progressive dinner)!

• how about a trip to a vineyard or a medieval banquet with your friends – dress up and have loads of fun

• get creative and have your next company workshop or seminar on board (no excuse here for non- attendance)

• transport for your colleagues from the airport to a conference venue – making it easy, interesting and adding an element of surprise!

• how about a mobile conference onboard the bus with the added facility of transportation to visit work sites and facilities

• collect all your colleagues on board and view a prospective real estate deal

• getting ready for a company launch – jump on board a luxury limo with your favourite influencers

• taking some friends or corporate guests to a sports event or live concert – what better way than to get them acquainted with each onboard in relaxed surroundings

• have a luxury party on the bus with a comprehensive array of beverages supplied, add your choice of superb music accompanied by a dazzling lighting display and your own DJ

• your onboard host to organize everything enabling you to be the perfect host and have fun with your friends

• a luxury party bus could provide a novel venue for that intimate engagement party

• it’s a very popular choice for a stag night or hen party for your favorite friends

• a party bus is the preferred choice for school balls – get in the mood and start the party on the bus as you cruise around before the ball

• “get me to the church on time” wedding party transport – a great solution to ensure your guests arrive punctually and get to know each on the way

• imagine the fun of arriving on a double-decker bus – two levels of room – two levels of fun!

• no more worries about indulging and then driving, your good-host responsibilities are fulfilled

• a more intimate Xmas party venue for your key staff

The possibilities are endless…

It’s very easy to make your next event a great experience for your guests and one that they will remember and talk about as one of the best they have attended.