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First thing is to research where you want to take your Dog on Vacation. A place that is suited for both you and your pet.

If your pet is going to be traveling in a carrier, make sure it is big enough for your pet to be comfortable. If your pet is not used to being in a carrier then give them time to get familiar with it. Put it out so your pet can get used to having it around. Put their favorite blanket or toys in the carrier to encourage them to go in it. You can also give them treats while they are in the carrier to reinforce that the carrier can be a fun and happy place. This helps cut down with the stress of traveling.

Never leave a muzzle or choke chain or anything else on your pet that could harm them while traveling in the carrier. And remember to keep the leash with you, you will need it when picking up your pet for that much needed walk. Also,try and walk your pet just before you put it in the carrier, you do not need any accidents while traveling. Another thing to remember is to make sure your pet has water for the flight because dehydration happens quicker in flight. It is also a good idea to not feed your pet for at least two hours before your flight to help prevent any accidents, check with your vet to make sure this is safe for your pet.

Saving Money on Your Vacation

There are plenty of internet sites you can go to find Discount Travel information. There are also websites that are for traveling with your pet, places you can go and take your pet. Make sure when booking your reservation you let them know you are bring your pet. There could be additional fees.

The time of year will make a difference for the cost of your vacation. Off Season is the best for saving money if that works for your vacation plans. You can also call your destination choice if it is not within your budget and ask about any available discounts or any suggestions on saving money.

A few things that do not cost anything to do and are fun for the family and your pet are: hiking, swimming, going to the beach, and off leash parks. Rent a car. It will cost you a little but to get away from the usual tourist spots is well worth it and your dog would love the ride.

Things to Remember to take for Your Pet

Getting ready for a vacation can be hectic so here is a list of a few things to bring along for your pet: