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Despite the sagging economy, the air travel industry has remained strong. Part of the reason for this is because people will always have a need to get from one place to another for business purposes. As more and more major companies locate their corporate headquarters offshore, travel to another city or even another country is actually very likely. Commercial airlines are not the only ones to reap the benefits of this boom in air travel, however. Studies show that there has also been a substantial increase in the number of travelers who choose the charter aircraft option. The fact that the cost of a private jet rental tends to be substantially higher than flying commercial has done little to deter this trend.

Private Jet Rental – Behind the Trend

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of a private jet rental. Flexibility, convenience, and comfort are the three most often-cited reasons for choosing air charter – which is actually renting an entire private plane rather than one seat of a commercial jet. One of the other reasons is the wide variety of options available for the airplane itself. Contrary to the images portrayed on television and in the movies, private planes are not all huge jetliners complete with stocked bars, catered food, and onboard entertainment.

Private Jet Rental – The Options

Categories for private planes used in a private jet rental include the following:

• Turboprops: These small charter aircraft seat between 4 and 9 passengers, and are best suited for short flights. Cabins in these planes tend to be small, with headroom typically around 4’8.” Flight ranges for turboprops are around 1,000 miles.

• Light jets: These planes seat 6-8 passengers traveling a relatively short distance, from 1500 to 2400 miles. Light jets are luxuriously fitted, with comfortable seats and work tables, yet many feature less than full cabin height and often do not have a restroom on board.

• Midsized jets: These larger (and more luxurious) airplanes typically seat 7-8 passengers in comfort and style. Amenities on board these charter aircraft include not only telephones, but power outlets, a galley, and entertainment systems. Flight ranges are typically 1,700 to 3,000 miles.

• Super midsized jets: These are slightly larger than midsized planes, and will accommodate 8-9 passengers comfortably.

• Heavy jets: These planes seat 14 – 16 passengers and have a 6 ft. ceiling height. These are the typical “corporate” jets that many companies use.

• Airliners: The “cream of the crop” as far as charter aircraft are concerned, airliners can accommodate 13 – 30 people in ultimate luxury. Flight ranges for airliners vary, but can run as high as 7,000 miles – making them the best option for transatlantic or transcontinental flights.