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Private plane rentals are not as expensive as most people think. There are a few things you should know before booking a private jet that will help lower the price. This article will explain a few of those ways.

First, you should consider going down to your local small airport. Most owners of private planes use online booking agents to get customers. This costs the owners a good chunk of change. If you can meet a few private plane owners then you might be able to save on rentals. It is always best to form a relationship with an owner and that way you can save on multiple flights.

Another way to lower prices for plane rentals is to you an online booking agent. There are many on the internet. What you need to ask them is if they have any dead head flights going your way. Dead head flights are where a plane takes people from point A to point B, but then doesn’t have any passengers going back. If you are going from point B to point A, you can really save a lot of dollars. If your schedule is flexible, this is the best way to fly.

You need to consider your time as a cost as well. Many people spend hours flying commercial jets. If your time is worth $50 dollars or more an hour then flying a private jet will save you time and ultimately money. It only takes a few minutes to get from the parking lot to the jet and then into the air. It’s wonderful.