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Prom nights and limousines go hand in hand. Every year, thousands of teens have this special night in their lives and they work hard to make it perfect. To make it more perfect, they hire limousines. The reason behind this is that it is a very special day for every teen and to add more star-like appearance and feeling to it, they hire prom limos that are now readily available at all car rental companies. These prom limos are the best way to make your prom night glamorous and enchanting.

The prom limos are special party limos that usually are stretch limos or Hummer limos as majority of the teens prefer to travel together in a group with their dates. Since it is a bit expensive for them to hire a single limo for every couple, they can opt for pooling money together and then hiring a party limo in which they can all travel together. The stretch limos and Hummer limos make the best prom limos as they are huge vehicles that can accommodate 14-20 people easily. The seats can be set up in any way that the client will ask for but it is best that for a prom limo, get the seats arranged against the paneling of the limo. In this way you could all face each other and have some fun time while travelling to the venue.

When hiring a prom limo, keep a few things in mind. First of all you should know the number of people who would be travelling together in a limo so that you can book your limo accordingly. If you are travelling alone with your date then choose your limo accordingly, and if you are opting for group travelling, then choose a bigger version of this grand car. Secondly make sure that you are opting for a reliable transportation service as you might end up with a limo that is old and beaten down. This will definitely leave you in an embarrassing condition. All your friends might even accuse you of doing this on purpose and in this way the whole tempo of the prom time would go down.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that be sure to mention the color of the limo that you require for this special night. For most of the teens, the most opted choice of color for a prom limo is black. Some teens also opt for bold and daring colors as bold red, hot pink or even electric blue. Whichever color you want, mention it to the car rental service as you do not want to end up with a white limo for your special prom night. Choose your limo wisely and enjoy your prom night.