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Employers are specifically instructing managers to not send them World of Warcraft players. It’s believed, and with good cause, that WoW players cannot give 100 percent to their job because their focus is elsewhere, their sleeping patterns are often not great and varied other factors that play into diminished performance abilities.

I can’t say I blame them.

Surveys are revealing that more and more 30 and 40+ years old’s are being drawn into the world of gaming. As a result they are not showing up to work on time, sometimes not showing up at all, their personal lives are suffering all because they are gaming instead of nurturing their real world relationships or simply not sleeping.

If your teen has addictive gaming tendencies, you might want to get a grip on that before they get any older. They may just end up becoming a long term liability that won’t leave home rather than a productive taxpayer and fellow citizen.

Common signs that a person may be a video game addict:

* Failing to eat or sleep to keep on playing

* Missing school or work in order to play video games

* Neglecting personal hygiene

* Poor performance at school or work

* Social isolation

* Time spent playing increases over time

Causes of Addiction

Video game addicts don’t start off planning to become addicted, they start off playing just for fun. What happens as a result however, is they do get “hooked” on the fact that video games are give players a series of rewards for reaching the next levels while playing. The addict keeps playing in order to keep getting this payoff. Each time they play a level and fail, they recognize their point of failure, think they know how to get just beyond that failure and the wicked cycle begins.

Video games also allow players to develop relationships with other players. Many addicts may find these virtual relationships more rewarding than those that take place outside of the game and in the real world.

Even those who do have friends in the “real world” may have the same friends in their virtual gaming world, thus providing them further justification for gaming because technically speaking, they “are” hanging out with their friends.

Ailments Associated with Video Game Addiction

* Backaches

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

* Depression

* Dry eyes

* Headaches

* Job loss

* Low self-esteem

* Relationship problems

Treatment for Video Game Addiction?

When an addict realizes there is a problem bigger then they can handle, and is ready to quit playing video games, they need to find a local therapist who is experienced in dealing with these modern types of addiction. Much like treatment for food or sex addiction, therapy starts with a period of abstaining from games and then transitioning into using computers in a more appropriate manner, without the excessive amounts of time on gaming. Sharing experiences and interacting with other video game addicts could also be an essential part of recovery.

There’s no shame in admitting you are an addict, there’s only shame in the chain of circumstances that result from your addictive behaviors.