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Renting a private jet used to be something only the privileged few did on a routine basis. Avoiding commercial air travel has become more common place in recent years with travelers having a greater concern for their personal health and safety. More and more travelers are turning to chartering private jets for their air travel needs.

Since 9/11, security has become an important issue with flyers around the globe. Precautions are in place at airports world-wide to make sure the unthinkable doesn’t happen again. This has caused a tremendous slowdown in commercial airline boarding, which has helped to make chartering more popular among air travelers.

Swine flu outbreaks and other pandemic threats have also brought the idea of renting a private jet to the forefront of people’s minds when they are getting ready to plan their air travel.


In addition to health and safety concerns, what are some other good reasons for renting a jet instead of taking a commercial flight?


Take Control of Your Time
This is a BIG concern for many people. Time is something you almost can’t put a value on,except to say that it’s one of our most valued assets . . . Time spent in airport check-in lines, security lines, even food lines . . . Time waiting for delayed flights . . . Time retrieving baggage or waiting for lost luggage . . . Time spent traveling by car from your destination airport to a city not serviced by commercial airlines.
Fly Around Your Schedule, Not the Airlines’
By renting a private jet, you will be planning your day wisely, not having it planned for you.
Choose Your Flying Companions You may want to enjoy your time in the air by spending it with family and friends. Then again, you may be on your way to an important business meeting and would like the time to prepare for it in solitude. You might even want to meet with your staff during your air time. Regardless of who flies with you, they will not be strangers, but people hand-picked by you. Not so on commercial flights.
As you can see, renting a private jet goes beyond the desire to fly in luxury. Concerns about health, safety, schedule, and flying companions play a big part in a traveler’s decision to charter a jet and avoid commercial flying.