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For many reasons, some are economically related to pandemic -relevant -related to fatigue, etc. The housing prices in most regions are rising or almost recorded. ! It was a historic and low level for artificially created long -term -low interest rates and mortgage rates! For most housing buyers, using funds is essential for purchasing, so the price is for the ability to buy more houses and to buy more houses -back. Usually rises! Acquisition buyers can qualify more money/loan, as the ratio of the monthly mortgage income is artificially reduced. How long will this trend last, how new -usually the previous trend/cycle will return, and how the price will be affected, immediate, intermediate, and longer, all factors, all factors. Will be considered! With that in mind, this article will try to simply consider, examine, review, and discuss this article.
  1. Short -term: Since the Federal Reserve Bank announced, it was planning to raise the price of three times in 2022 (of course, this was before the potential. Act promptly to use! The three increase will probably be converted to at least 0.75 % higher, and most mortgages will be converted to hundreds per month. Some things to pay are probably not such a large -scale continuation of this house price! I hope to maintain a specific house. But before you go, take thorough and wisdom!
  2. Intermediate -Glossary: ​​Many people believe -Know, the exact timing of the expected rate -hiking is uncertain! Fed has changed strategies and approaches in the past. Mainly, this phase will decide what can bring! In addition, buyers’ attitudes, recognition, and their confidence have a significant effect on this real estate market!
  3. Long -term -for a long time -running, things, recovery, what we have seen, in the past, are cycle alternate, sellers, buyers, and neutral markets frequently? The possibilities include: Continuous, large escalation. More -1 permanent yet -1. Some leveling; and at least in a specific area, see the decline of a certain price for a certain period of time.

Since no one has a crystal ball, it is wise, wise, fully understood, understands, possibility, meaning and effect! Do you learn as much as possible?