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It is often very painful to leave our beloved pets behind while we are going on a vacation. There are various pet friendly hotels and accommodation places available in all the cities that can provide very good services and facilities for your pets. If you are traveling by air then there are various essential things that you must surely keep in mind.

In this article, I would like to tell you about a few important things that you must remember while traveling with your animal by air.

1. Take proper travel insurance for your pet. Make sure that all your important documents are ready and in place. Follow all the rules are regulations regarding traveling with pets.

2. Give your dog a proper identification tag. Attach a temporary and a permanent ID tag to your pet’s collar. The ID tag should contain all the essential information about you and your final destination. Also provide your cell phone number and home address in that ID card.

3. Proper vaccination is very essential for your pet before you plan your trip. Consult your vet and ask him about vaccination that would prevent your dog from fleas and ticks.

4. It is very essential for you to carry a leash with you. You can walk your dog with the lease before check-in and after the arrival.

5. Always carry a crate or a carrier for your pet in which you can easily place your pet while traveling. Make sure that the bottom part of the crate has some good absorbent material. Ventilation facility should be provided on all sides of the carrier.

6. You should only sedate your pet if it is highly required. It is not always essential to give tranquilizers to your pets while flying. If you want you can also take the advice of your vet about this issue.

7. You should place your pet carrier under your seat or in front of you during the take off. Do not ever take out your pet from the carrier during the flight.

8. You should never feed your pet immediately before air travel. If you want you can provide small amounts of water to your animal at short intervals.

9. Always try to take direct fight only as changing flights may create various problems for your dog.

10. Air travel can be very stressful for your pet that is why it is advisable for you to take your pet to the veterinarian to get it thoroughly checked before flying.