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Though the smallest continent, Oceania has a lot to offer holiday and vacation lovers worldwide. Its diverse nature and amazing wildlife are what makes tourists visit this continent year after year. No wonder then that people never get tired of Oceania and prefer to come back here yearly.

1.) Discover Melbourne

You can get a private tour in Melbourne where you will be visiting the many tourist spots the place has to offer like the famous Collins Street and Lygon Street. Other historical buildings that you can visit are the Parliament House and the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. In your private tour, you can also ask your guide to take you to Albert Park Lake.

2.) Discover the Wonders of South West

If you are a nature lover, you will surely love driving along the world-famous Great Ocean Road. Gasp in awe also at the sights and wonderful native creatures that you will see in its wilderness like the koalas and the kangaroos. For a fee, you can take a helicopter ride and get a wonderful view of the Twelve Apostles and the Loch Ard Gorge.

3.) Be with the Penguins

This is another tourist attraction of Oceania – visiting the penguins. In this kind of tour, you will see penguins in their native environment. You will also get to know how rangers work to save these animals and protect their homes.

4.) A Day at the Spa

Like any tourist spot, Oceania also offers first-class spas. Here, you can relax as well as be pampered by the staff of the spa. The sample also the spas’ therapeutic baths, massages and relaxing facials for a completely relaxing stay.

5.) Visit the Vineyards

Visiting the vineyards is another great way to spend your holiday in Oceania. They have excellent producers of wine, and these vineyard owners also sometimes let tourists in their vineyards. While in the vineyard, you will get to sample the many wines they produce.

6.) Take a Wildlife Tour

Who can ever forget the unique creatures Oceania has? Be sure to visit the many wildlife parks and sanctuaries here so that you can see its unique faunas. Fall in love with their cute koalas and kangaroos, perky Tasmanian devils and platypus – famous animals found only on this continent.

7.) Your Solomon Island Tour

Solomon Island also has a lot to offer tourists and vacationers. Feel free to take scuba lessons and kayaking lessons on the island. You can also go on snorkeling trips to Solomon Island and get to see its diverse nature.

8.) Exploring New Caledonia

New Caledonia is famous for its hunting and fishing experience as well as diving experience on its beaches. You will surely get to see an abundance of its sea fauna here when you go snorkeling or diving. If you want a relaxing trip, you can do so as they have boat rides along the coast of New Caledonia, giving you a closer look at the island.

9.) Relax in Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s beaches are known worldwide. Their London beach alone is a favorite of the tourists and also offers relaxing spas and massages. Another famous thing that you can see in Vanuatu is its sea turtles, which are now on the endangered species list.

10.) Enjoying Tahiti

Tahiti is another exotic place located in Oceania and is a famous honeymoon location. If you opt to go to this island, be sure to take a boat trip in the Moorea Lagoon. You can also enjoy nature by taking a jeep trip to get to see more of Tahiti’s lush greenery as well as enjoy the sight of the blue ocean and the clear skies.

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