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Have you ever wondered why more than ten million people visit Cancun annually? Not yet? Well, it’s purely because of its pristine smooth sand beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, exotic nightlife, ethereal nature, and thrilling water sports. Are you also planning to explore this famed destination and wondering how much is a trip to Cancun for 5 days and 4 nights? Then you are in the right place!

This guide will go over the costs of all-inclusive Cancun packages for just a few days. Also, we’ll look at the entire itinerary (attractions and stays in hotels, flights, etc.) which will determine the price of the trip.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Cancun for 5 Days?

Incredibly, Cancun has so much to offer you on your five day trip. From family-friendly vacations to exploring ancient ruins, Cancun can offer so many different itineraries. Before diving into the specifics of your itinerary below are some helpful tips to help you!

Practical Tips & Resources for Cancun 2022-23

Find low-cost flight tickets towards Cancun, Mexico on Cruxair with prices starting at $37.

Take a rental car the moment you arrive at the airport.

Stay at one of the top yet most affordable accommodations in Cancun.

Bring water, umbrellas and wear light outfits with comfortable shoes.

Use your camera to capture some incredible photos!

You can easily access fun activities and the top tourist attractions in Cancun.

Once you’ve got all the basics and information, let’s take a look at the custom-designed itineraries that are the most sought-after by travellers and the costs for a 5 day excursion to Cancun. We’ve curated each one with in mind your needs for travel. They are therefore compatible with family-friendly trips and official tours, honeymoons as well as solo excursions.

You can select any of them based on your needs for travel. If you want you could customize them or talk to Cruxair’s agent during the booking process.

#1 for Cancun: The Landmark Tour of Mexico

Are you looking to explore the landmarks that have been around for centuries in Mexico? If so, then this itinerary is perfect for you. Explore the city’s vast capital while taking in the fascinating Teotihuacan pyramids, discovering Aztec and Maya background in the National Anthropology Museum, and exploring Frida Kahlo’s home and studio.

The journey begins with low-cost flights to Cancun specifically using United Airlines and Delta Airlines. When you arrive you can unwind in any of the best All-inclusive hotels within Cancun. After you have relaxed, start your journey at the National Anthropology Museum to glance at the long-lost Mexican civilizations. Explore the local cuisine and take some photos of this impressive architectural structure. In the evening, go towards the hotel to enjoy dinner in one of their eateries, then take an excursion through the streets of the area.

The next day, take a walk across the Teotihuacan pyramids. Then take a trip to Guadalupe’s Basilica of Guadalupe to explore the city’s most famous architectural landmarks.

The next morning, begin your day by swimming and enjoying an all-inclusive breakfast. Set out toward the south, towards Coyoacan to take a brief excursion to Coyoacan’s Frida Kahlo Home Museum to visit her studio, in which you can view her artwork and artifacts. Following that go to the local market nearby for a taste of deep-fried quesadillas.

The 4th day is when you head to Xochimilco which is where you take traditional boats and cruise through the forests, surrounded by canals as you listen to mariachi music and enjoying Mexican cuisine. When you return to the city’s center to eat a last meal take a moment to look at some of the most famous murals painted by David Alfaro Siqueiros. Marxist Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Price: Starting at $1246 per person

#2 for Cancun: Yucatan Peninsula Blue Escapes

Another well-known tour can be found in Blue Escapes. This is a fun family itinerary to visit reserves and caves while enjoying the sun in the Yucatan Peninsula. Bring the whole family along to enjoy a swim in the caves, and bike through the mangroves , to this biosphere preserve.

Your journey begins with United Airlines/Delta Air/Spirit Airlines flight from Cancun and, following the check-in process, you head toward the south, to the serene and tranquil beach known as Playa Del Carmen; only an hour’s drive away. Enjoy the remaining days exploring the lively bars of the city and trendy boutiques within this Riviera Maya holiday destination with your loved ones.

The next day, make your way to The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, accessible via a motorboat. You can take the boat as you take in the stunning wilderness of the region. You can also climb to the Zona arqueologica de Muyil, the oldest and the most extensive Maya sites. Enjoy the rest of your day relaxing and enjoying the charming charm in Playa del Carmen. Stroll through the streets and shop or eating local foods, and enjoying the bars.

You can satisfy your palate with a continental breakfast that is complimentary. Then go with your kids or your family to visit an underground river, which is home to hundreds of thousands of stalagmites and stalactites particularly The Rio Secreto. At night, take a dip into the Playa del Carmen beach and take a stroll around as it’s your last night in Cancun. The next day, you must be ready to depart to Cancun International Airport.

Price: Starting at $1139 per person

#3 for Cancun: Adventure Chiapas

A brand new route for adventurers is our adored Adventure Chiapas located in Mexico, which is home to stunning landscapes, bustling bazaars and indigenous cultures.

On our third trip an exciting experience can be had starting from the first day. Get on the speedboat to take a cruise of the Grijalva River. Be sure to get a sight of the gorgeous Sumidero Canyon, a 136 million years old geological wonder. Be sure to keep an eye at the spiders as well as river Crocodiles! Explore the picturesque Chiapa de Corzo- an ancient archeological site from Mesoamerica in the pre-Columbian period and snap some stunning photos. After that, travel to the colonial San Cristobal de las Casas and see the beautifully preserved colonial structure. Outside there is an enticing market selling vibrant hand-woven goods and colorful weavings.

On Wednesday, the threerd, go towards San Juan Chamula, a Tzotzil town that is pre-Hispanic in origin with one of the most bizarre churches in Mexico and the ability to combine modern Christianity with ancient rituals and traditions.

Only just 6 kilometers (10 kilometers away) Walk towards San Lorenzo Zinacantan where you are able to visit Tzotzil Maya (indigenous individuals) to learn about their traditions, culture and way of life. In the evening, go back to your hotel, take a break before moving on for dinner. The day that ends the tour, make sure to visit Lagos de Montebello, which is an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve packed with more than 50 lakes. Continue towards El Chiflon Waterfalls in the afternoon to view Chiapas the tallest of waterfalls. Before you board a plane out in the morning then return to your resort for a relaxing time or to explore the streets in the area the last night in Mexico.

Price: Beginning at $1000 per person

#4 for Cancun: Architectural Journey

Learn more about Maya people’s culture and history during this informative tour that takes you to historic sites and amazing cenotes that feature turquoise water.

Start your journey from Valladolid in the state of Mexico, located about two hours away of the Cancun International airport. The town is worth a visit. The town is awe-inspiring with its incredible Spanish colonial “iglesias” structures, such as the San Bernardino of Siena Convent in the 16th century, and it’s San Gervasio Cathedral with its baroque architecture. Then, take a bite of Mexico’s street food in the square adjacent towards the Parque Francisco Canton. The second day is looking around Chichen Itza Maya. Chichen Itza Maya ruins, which were , a very recently a site to pray. You can visit and visit the Temple of the Warriors and the Pyramid of Kukulkan before making your journey towards Yokdzonot Cenote for a cooling afternoon dip.

After that, you can visit the archeological site of Uxmal which is one of the peninsula’s most important cities, which once was home to thousands of Mayans. The last day of your tour can be spent at Merida that is the site of the Maya heritage. It will be a time to learn about the religion, and then visit the cathedral as well as the main square and the government building that is beautifully decorated with art. The tour will end your visit in Izamal The “Yellow Metropolis,” a small colonial city that was that was built in the 16th century on remains of the Maya city. Retire to Valladolid for dinner and drinks before heading home the following day.

Price: Beginning at $1211 per person

Closing Thoughts

If you’re asking what the cost of an all-inclusive trip for five days to Cancun You’ll find that the cost starts at $1000 for the entire 5 days, which includes accommodation, flights, and all-inclusive facilities. If you are planning to stay longer than five weeks, Cruxair offers you an additional night’s accommodation. Additionally your itinerary can be tailored to meet your requirements. Don’t worry you won’t be able to take you down!

If you’re interested in booking through Cruxair you can contact us at +1-855-567 0070. You will be amazed that our rates are affordable, but we also offer great value that will make your travel unforgettable.