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The Humana Challenge is the new name for the popular Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament. This event is held in La Quinta, California. While golf is oftentimes seen as the preferred pastime of mid to upper-class individuals, the Humana Challenge is designed to benefit everybody. As of 2012, the golf tournament will be oriented toward encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle and to reap the benefits of physical fitness.

La Quinta And Golf

La Quinta, CA has long been a favorite destination of avid golfers. The warm days and the typically dry climate make it the ideal destination for those who like to get out in the sun and enjoy a day on the links. There are 25 world-class golf courses within La Quinta and, in fact, they are among the city’s primary draws. The Humana Challenge is held on three different golf courses and offers great spectating for those who are fans of this game. This year, the Humana Challenge is partnering with the William J. Clinton Foundation and the PGA Tour to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Bob Hope’s Influence

The Bob Hope Classic was one of the nation’s most beloved golf tournaments. The Hope family has heartily endorsed associating the newly named Humana Challenge with physical fitness. According to the family, Bob Hope believed strongly in staying active and being healthy. In fact, the famous comedian went on to live to be 100 years old, which does tend to indicate that he believed in keeping in good shape.