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Airports – that one place on this earth that shares so many emotions altogether. Farewells, welcomes, fulfillment of dreams and what not. Air transportation has experienced a tremendous boom over the past decades and the airports just keep enlarging in size to meet the demands of ever rising travelers.

Let’s get amused by the largest airports in this world which are full of life!

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Located in the business hub of Atlanta, this airport takes the top place in being the busiest airport of this world as well as having the most amount of flights too. Who knew an abandoned race course would serve this purpose? Covering an area of 4700 acres, the airport has five runways in parallel directions, all of which are operational at the same time. There are 33 passenger airlines that are home to this gigantic airport.

2. Beijing Capital International Airport

Being the most important international airport situated in Beijing, you will always find it crowded with passengers. Not surprisingly, it is the largest airport in China. Built in the shape of a dragon, the majestic airport covers an area of 1,480 hectares and provides access to the Downtown of the city. It takes control of 70 different airlines and about 200 destinations. The airport comprises of three different terminals which are well connected to the city.

3. Tokyo Haneda Airport

Situated in the country’s transportation hub, the airport will connect you to anywhere in Tokyo with the excellent road networks. Haneda is home to 90 million passengers every year. Terminal 1 and 2 cater to all domestic flights operated by the airport. Terminal 3 is accessible for the international routes. To meet the ever rising demands, in 2014 the terminal was expanded in size by 50 percent. There are hotels located inside the premises which allow passengers to stay overnight. Free shuttle services help the passengers commute between all the terminals.

4. London Heathrow Airport

The largest airport of the United Kingdom, situated in west London covers an area of 1,227 hectares and engages 80 airlines. From a very humble start, Heathrow expanded in size over the years and now comprises of five terminals catering to 185 travel destinations around the globe. You’ll be amused to see the diverse cultural mix as you step out towards the airport. Residents living in the vicinity of West London would witness a plane flying every 45 seconds!

5. Cairo International Airport

It is the super busiest airport of Cairo and the lifeline for EgyptAir, EgyptAir Express and many other airlines. The three terminals of the airport serve approximately 16 million passengers. The ASQ award winner airport has been a satisfying service provider for passengers over the years. With just being 22 km away from Cairo, it provides feasible access to the city. It serves as the hub of activities as well as being distinct for having a history of approximately 7000 years.