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The only thing you need is your thought to make money in this world. One of the world’s greatest actors was once down on himself. Unknown, he was poor and struggling to find any work as an actor and was so desperate for money that he even sold his dog (with tears in his eyes, a dog he would later buy back) and his wife’s jewelry for money. The actor knew nothing was going on in his life but he still kept on believing that something could happen, at anytime.

One day while he was watching a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and another less formidable opponent. Ali would hit him and he would sway, he would get hit and hit but for some reason he just wouldn’t quit. He was taking thunderous blows for the duration of the match but in the end he still lost. However, when the bell sounded to signal the end of the match, something magical happened.

The actor got an idea, the struggling actor got a thought that he should write a movie similar that would portray a character similar to the fighter who has shown so much heart. Boom, there it was all that he needed, a ray of inspiration that caused him to spend the next 20 hours writing the script for this movie.

When he completed the movie, he then brought it to several production companies, but they all rejected him. Discouraged, the actor still continued to peddle his script and finally someone was interested in it. They then offered him 100,000 for the script, but took back the offer when he demanded to be the star of the movie. No deal, they both said.

A month later the same company called the actor back and offered him 200,000$ for the script, but he declined again. The next week it was 300,000$, another decline, until the company gave in and gave him 35,000$ for the script and let him be the star of the movie.