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Contrary to what others believe, a video game tester is indeed a job in the industry which many vie for. However, being a paid game tester or beta game tester is not just about the fun and exciting factor. It does not mean that you’ll just sit, play for hours, and collect a hefty paycheck afterward. In fact, there is an array of skills that a proficient video game tester must acquire before jumping in to the adrenalin-packed industry.

What Exactly Is the Job of a Video Game Tester?

Like any other products, games entail careful scrutiny before they are publicly released to the gaming arena. This strategy is done by companies to ensure that a particular game has a great potential to cause frenzy among gamers. Of course, the companies will seek none other than hardcore gamers themselves.

Upon agreeing with the company’s terms, a completed version of the game along with the manual will be provided for your initial testing. Since the company’s aim is to make the game free from glitches, you are expected to look for them all throughout the game.

The company won’t give you forever to accomplish the game so you have to allot long hours to examine what is not right with the game and how can it be further improved.

What Skills I Must Have to Become a Paid Tester?

Well, you’re probably a hardcore gamer that’s why the company hired you but more than that, you have to watch out for video game tester requirements which you must have to build up your credibility.

Having a discriminating eye for detail is definitely a must. You are not paid for just playing; you have to concentrate well on every single aspect of the game – from the characters down to the actual gaming interface. Do not be too carried away with what you’re playing, having focus is the key.

After your assessment, you must be good in putting your thoughts into words. The companies will judge your performance based on the evaluation report that you will submit so make an extra effort to look organized and professional. Be detailed when explaining the glitches. If you have to say that there is a discoloration with the frame in the second round, write it as descriptive as you can.

Where Should I Go If I want to be a Game Tester?

Advertisements in the newspapers as well as magazines do not publish video game testing jobs. The best thing you can do is go directly to the gaming company and hand them your resume. The best thing here is that you don’t need to have a university degree in order to qualify. Just show them that you have what it takes to be a video game tester. Good luck!