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When you rent a limo from one of many limo services, you will be given a price that includes all of the various services you will receive on the day of your event. These services typically include pick up, drop off, wet bar, a driver and down time while the limo waits for your event to end. There are other services available as well, but these are the most common services requested by the majority of limo customers.

What isn’t usually included in the price is the tip for the driver. While some limo companies add 15% of the final bill into the total charge, most companies allow customers to choose for themselves how much they want to tip their driver. This leaves some question about how much you should tip your driver based on what he does for you.

Some people choose not to tip a driver at all; however, this is considered rude because drivers usually only earn minimum wage or a little more from their companies. They rely on tips to make a decent living wage. If your service was terrible, you might not want to leave a tip, but you should really think before you take such a drastic action.

The standard tip for a limousine driver who simply drives you from one location to another is 15% of the fare. This means if your rental price is $100, you should tip your limo driver $15. If your rental price is $200, you should tip him or her $30 and so on. However, if your driver goes above and beyond his or her basic duties, such as making extra stops, carrying your luggage or bags, or other extra tasks you ask him or her to do, you should tip your driver at least 20%. This means if your fare is $100, you should tip him or her $20. If your fare is $200, you should tip your driver $40 and so on.

Since you will have most likely paid your fare in full before your ride, you will need to give your driver his or her tip in cash. The recommended way to do this is to place the cash in an envelope and handing it to the driver upon exiting the vehicle for the last time. Be sure to also thank your driver as he or she will want to know that you appreciated his or her efforts to keep you safe and comfortable during your ride.