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Trying to find a diet that your children enjoy, but is also healthy for them can seem very difficult. When you encourage your children to eat healthily, it can create pressure. How do you keep them from getting obsessed about their weight while making sure they have a good diet? Here are some tips that can help you find a healthy diet for your kids.

1) Don’t use food as a reward. This can turn out to be a habit for their lifetime if they consider a treat as a reward for good behavior. If you tell them they only get desert after eating their dinner, they can end up binging on food as rewards and make them only want to eat sweet treats.

2) Keep the sugar down in their diet. Too much sugar can cause children to put on weight, not only that, but it rots teeth. Instead of giving them desert after their food, try to give them more of the main course. Maybe give them a piece of fruit. It can be difficult, but they usually find that fruit is sweet and enjoyable, and without all the fat.

3) Don’t let them snack too much. Some kids can form a habit of snacking between meals because it gives them a burst of energy. Only give them if they are needed, and not sweet stuff. Some suggestions are fruit bars, fresh fruit, unsweetened yogurt, and nuts or seeds.

4) Watch out for advertising. It can be difficult to not give them the food that they see their friends eating, or see on TV. it can affect their behavior if you give them what they want all the time, so try to think of their long term health. Make sure they aren’t eating unhealthy foods all the time, only get them the things they want occasionally.

5) Be an example. Children copy the behavior of those around them so they will need to see you eating well. Eat all of your vegetables if you want your child to do so too. Try to eat healthy deserts after most meals. If you set the example, they will follow.

6) Food variety is good. Make sure that the diet has plenty of salads and proteins, beans, carbohydrates like wholemeal pasta and wholegrain bread. As long as healthy foods are eaten often, unhealthy food is fine every once in a while.