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If you’re planning a trip to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, you don’t want to miss seeing the Skywalk when you go. The Skywalk is a thrilling thing to experience, plus the view from the platform is unmatched, so booking a helicopter tour that includes the Skywalk experience is the way to go.

#1 Tour – The Top Recommended Skywalk Tour

The top tour out of Vegas also happens to be the most affordable helicopter tour to the Canyon. The ride from hotels in Vegas to the Boulder City airfield takes about 30 minutes, and your tour includes free transportation by shuttle van.

The scenic flight to the Canyon takes about 45 minutes, and you’ll see some interesting things. For starters, you’ll get to see Lake Mead and the massive Boulder Dam from the air, which is a sight to remember.

Your helicopter will land on top of the rim at the airport, and you’ll be about 5 minutes away from the Skywalk. This tour not only takes you to the Skywalk, but you get VIP tickets as well. Thanks to that, you get to skip waiting in line, and that gives you more free time to explore the Canyon.

Although the average time spent on the Skywalk is about 20 minutes, you can actually stay as long as you want. However, if you don’t spend all your time on the Skywalk, you’ll have even more time to spend at other viewing areas. However, standing on the transparent floor and looking 4000 feet to the Canyon floor below is so mesmerizing, you may not want to leave the Skywalk.

#2 Tour – The Deluxe Option

The #2 recommended tour is the deluxe version of tour #1 which leaves from the Vegas Strip rather than Boulder City. It’s much more convenient to get to the helipad on The Strip, and a bonus of lifting off and landing on The Strip is that you get to see Vegas from the air. If you don’t opt for the deluxe tour, you’ll miss out on seeing the famous Vegas landmarks and big resorts from the air. In addition, you’ll be driven from your hotel to the helipad in a limousine, so you’ll feel like you’re getting VIP treatment.

#3 Tour – All-In-One Helicopter Tour With Skywalk Experience

This is the tour if you want to do it all. This tour comes with all the activities you can do at the West Rim included. You get to land on top of the rim so you can see the Skywalk, and you also get to fly down to the bottom of the Canyon. The exhilarating descent into the Canyon is something you’ll never forget, and when you land at the bottom, you’ll be able to hop on a boat and take a 20 minute float tour along the Colorado River. This tour is unique because the West Rim is the only place where choppers can fly below the rim and land on the Canyon floor, so it is a tour you don’t want to miss if you can afford it.

Save Money By Booking Online

These fantastic tours are the best and most popular options, so remember these two tips. First of all, be sure you buy your tour online. By booking online, you get the lowest rate, which is the Internet rate. When you use your credit card and book your tour online, you not only get the low rate, you instantly reserve and lock in your seats. The second tip is to buy your tour in advance. These tours fill up fast, so plan on getting yours booked about two weeks in advance of your trip. Plus, if you wait too long, the price of the tour will probably increase as the tour date gets closer. You could potentially save as much as 30 percent off the price of a tour by booking early and doing it online.